Buying a home that has current rentors.

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My husband and I are buying a home for investment. This home currently has rentors that are paying very little a month and never on time. What is the fastest and easiest way to evict these people?

Wright the contract with the verbage that the property has to be vacant. The sellers will not like this bc if you back out they are left with a vacant house. but put a very hefty EM to make them feel at ease. 

If they're not willing to do this. Talk to the tenant and tell them there is going to be a new owner and you are going to raise their rent. Of cores you have to make sure you not violating their current lease. If they fail to pay evict them. 

Or if you think there dead beets and don't think that they can pay or shape up.  See if you offer them a few hundred dollars will persuade them to move out. Its worked for me in the past. When you agree to pay them to leave make sure you write something up and have it state that they will take all their stuff with them and that they will clean up to get there security deposit back. 

Are they judgment proof? Do they have an income? 

Deadbeats don't have much to loose in the evection process. 

I'd go over there with $300-500 cash (in your hand) and let them know that  they will get that money if they are out and have the place clean by Friday, let them know the other option is evection and papaying your attorney fees. 

From what I hear, California is pretty pro-tenant,  so you might even consider upping the cash. 

Also consult a RE lawyer or at the very least another landlord in your area.  

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Contact a lawyer experienced and specializing in real estate and pay the fee for them to review the contract and represent you. Different states can be on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to tenant and landlord rights.