Indianapolis Landlord Registry now open

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Just to let landlords in Indianapolis that the Landlord registration is now open.  Here is the text from the Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement.  It is easy to complete.  Just trying to help everyone out....

Indianapolis Landlord Registration Program

Beginning January 1, 2015 as part of the Indianapolis Landlord Registration Program, all owners or landlords of rental units will be required to register the properties with the City of Indianapolis Department of Code Enforcement (DCE). Please continue reading for important information on this new program.

Landlord Registration Enrollment: The initial registration period will end March 31, 2015. There will be no enforcement activities during the first three months of the program.

Accessing the Landlord Registration Form: The registration form is available online through DCE's Citizen Access Portal ( http://permitsandcases.indv.eov/citizenAccess ). Applicants must create a portal user account to access the landlord registration form. Applicants may also register at a kiosk available to the public in the DCE Lobby (1200 S. Madison Ave).

Completing the Landlord Registration: The property owner or a designated property management company can complete the registration form. An individual who owns multiple rental properties may register all properties together and pay one registration fee of $5. A property management company who represents multiple owners must complete a registration form for each owner.

Required Information for the Landlord Registration: Please note applicants need to enter only the parcel number (not the rental property address). The property address information will be auto populated using the parcel number information. To assist with the registration process, below is the information needed to complete the registration:

  • Owner contact information
  • Landlord (property manager) contact information residing in Indiana
  • The parcel number (seven digit number) for all applicable properties
  • o Parcel number information is available at:

  • Number of rental units on each parcel
  • Landlord Registration Fee: Paying the registration fee is the final step of the process before submitting the registration form. Applicants can pay the $5 registration fee with an eCheck or credit card. The payment service is provided by a third-party vendor working in partnership with the City.

    Viewing the Landlord Registration: Beginning January 1, 2015, the public can access the landlord registration list at DCE's Citizen Access Portal.

    Renewing the Annual Registration in 2016: DCE will provide information on the renewal process In 2015. The annual renewal process will require minimal action from registered landlords.

    Questions: Please email [email protected] or call (317) 327-4316.

    Department of Code Enforcement

    1200 Madison Ave.. Ste. 100 | Indianapolis. IN 442251 Phone: (317) 327-8700 |

    Fax Numbers: Building

    I didn't hear about this coming. It sounds like a pain in the butt for owners to have another fee and something they have to do but I will say that from a public safety point of view, this will help property owners. Police hate to kick doors  when it isn't necessary and will attempt to contact a property owner for s key first of time allows. Also, in the event of a problem at the residence such as a burglary, fire, etc, there is owner contact information available for owners to be contacted. I wish my city did the same thing. Since we are an Indy suburb, we may take note and do something similar. Thanks for the information @Dan Perrott  

    @Dale Hensley   - The fee is a minimal $5 for all of your properties.    It's not that big of a deal.  The focus is to address dead-beat landlords of which I am in support of.  We just need to watch to make sure it doesn't turn into something much bigger than that.


    At this point, yeah, may not be a huge deal.

    But as with any related to the government, it's just a start. Registration fees will go up, they will start creating more "code violations" for additional revenue, and it turns bad real quick.

    I don't see the benefit.

    It's not good for landlords.

    I can't access the registration form. Do you have the exact web address to register?

    Yeah agree.

    But the question becomes, what defines a slumlord to the people dealing out code violations.

    Is having working galvanized plumbing in a house going to be a code violation? 

    Is having working knob and tube electrical going to be a code violation?

    The concern would be this would hit decent landlords, maybe in older properties. Perfectly safe properties at that, but the code enforcer would come in and say you can't rent this, until you spend 10k to update your electric and plumbing.

    Annual inspections while not a part of it, at this point, is the next step.

    It's a concern

    Thanks for the heads up!  The long awaited red tape....Does not sound like a big deal from the sound of it.

    Other cities have implemented a similar "simple" plan and turned it into a money [and rights] grabbing scheme.

    I hope that doesn't happen here!

    I just attempted to register my property and pay the $5.00 fee.  As I suspected, it's not $5.00.  They assess a $2.00 fee to process your payment. You must register and pay online, so you have to use e-check or credit card.   So yes, $7.00 to register your property PER YEAR is not that big of a deal BUT they have lied from the beginning about this whole issue.  

    First the fee was to be a "one time only" fee.  Wrong.  This is a yearly fee.

    Then it was to be only $5.  Sorry.  In my book when you jack up the price of something 40%, that is not being truthful.

    This whole thing reeks of a slippery slope.  

    The bottom line, and my entire reason for opposing this fee is that they already have the property owners information!  We have to pay property taxes.  The information is right there.  

    Total money grab.  I will be waiting until the last possible moment to register.  

    I 100% agree with you @Lisa Dawson  - this is a big money grab and totally unnecessary. We are basically being taxed for investing in Indy. I find it beyond annoying. 

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