I thought I've seen everything as a landlord, then my tenant came in with a sledgehammer

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Okay, as a landlord I've seen tenants do some weird things.  Well, today was a new one. I really thought I saw everything crazy as a landlord, but today took the cake.

One of my tenants is moving out and she had a few things left in the house to pick up. A couch, a bed, some chairs, a mirror, some curtains, etc. I'm in the house painting, getting it ready for the next tenant.

So she comes by to get the couch. Some back story -- I know that she just purchased this couch less than a year ago. She was very proud of getting this couch, and I don't know the exact cost, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of $500. She had broken up with her boyfriend sometime in the last couple of months, and he slashed the cushions on the couch.

Well, she comes over today to pick up the couch. She brings along a male friend and he's carrying a sledgehammer. After they get in, he starts wailing on the couch with the sledgehammer! Soon it's crushed up and they carry it out.

WTF? Apparently since she didn't have cushions for the couch, it was "garbage" and that was how they decided to dispose of it. It did not occur to her, to simply spend a little money to buy new cushions. Even if you couldn't get cushions that exactly matched, you could at least just cover the couch with a slipcover.

Fellow landlords, have you ever had anything as bizarre as this happen to you when a tenant was moving out?

Dawn, that is pretty crazy!  We have dismantled abandoned furniture similarly, but never anything that still has value.  It's more common to see people who think their junk is a treasure than the other way around, pretty interesting.

Yes:-(.   My most recent was a woman that begged me to help her move so I paid 320.00 for a mover.    She wouldn't let them enter and ended up calling the police and fire department for a gas leak.   When they arrived she kicked them out....why they didn't arrest her????    

Same thing happened the next day....I did want her out.   She called the fire department 3 times refused movers again....

I have run into this problem numerous times after acquiring a property (she was a resident we inherited). Nothing against rent programs etc.    It is not free rent, you often have to deal with mental and or both substance abuse issues.   

Unfortunately, the state, non profit or whoever is involved washes their hands and puts the responsibility on the owner.    I have always lost money when I haven't done my own screening etc. 

surprised they didnt just leave the couch.

There's a book written by a guy a couple counties over from me with around 125 units. It's called "Tales of a White Trash Landlord" and is honestly one of the best books on landlording I've read. There's lessons involved but it really helped me with the mindset in dealing with some of the morons we come across.

It's FULL of way crazier stuff than that!

Disclaimer: Im friends with author on FB but not being paid to pitch the book.

Originally posted by @James Wise :

surprised they didnt just leave the couch.

 Well I told them I wanted everything out.  Sooooo ... they got it out, alright.

Ha! Perhaps it was just a symbolic way of 'repaying' the boyfriend that slashed the cushions...

and-- cheaper than therapy!

What an epic way to end a move-out! Just kidding...

It may have been that looking at the couch kept bringing up bad memories, so, the emotional closure was more important to her than redoing the couch.

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