Who has the best Website Template for a Property MGMT application or CMS Platform.

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So I've always used Zillow's rental-pro for my rental website and for managing inventory and now as many of you know Zillow is discontinuing this services later next month :( I really want a dynamic website, I put a lot of time into designing the site I use now for Zillow (www.inlandempirerentals.com) In fact it was shortly after I finally completed designing the site that I got the email they were discontinuing it. 

I was wondering if anyone has specific experience with different website templates, either the ones included on the different software programs or just wordpress or another CMS platform in general that they are happy with and would reccomend.

I found this list  http://www.biggerpockets.com/rei/online-property-management-software-cloud/ very helpful for the different property management software options out there, some of them include webstie option, but Im not sure how great the functionality goes without trying all of them, so i thought I would reach out here first. 

I personally manage about 500 doors and have had a pretty good experience with the property management software Buildium (LINK).  They provide the full service of online applications, available property posting, a website, online payment, integrated accounting and reports.  I've looked at several others and they have some distinctions but are all increasing functionality every year.  I also use Yardi Beacon for an affordable property I manage.  Outside of that I used a cheaper website making company (Weebly) to tie all of my real estate efforts together. (www.NeighborhoodREI.com)

Best of luck to you.

Hi Bethany - Take a look at http://investedinterest.net/, its a newer software that just came out and they just released an app as well.  I'm still in the testing phase but have been really please with their platform and really inexpensive to run.  

Best regards. 

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