Bad soils of Fort Worth, TX: maintaining constant level of moisture

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Our property located in Fort Worth,TX had a foundation repair after which it was recommended maintaining a constant level of moisture in the soil near and under the house (by placing a soaker hose on each side of the foundation no farther than 12'' from the edge of foundation to water DAILY during hot and dry months).

Our property management company wrote a letter to our tenant explaining this, however I can not guarantee tenant complies. 

Any Fort Worth landlords out there? What do you guys do with your properties? Did you hire a gardener to do this?


@Edita D.  I never had to deal with anything like this (more like getting water away from a house) but I would think a sprinkler system on a timer would be a good possibility. 

@Edita D.  yes, in my mind, care for your structures foundation should not be a tenant responsibility. You can have a temperature controlled sprinkler controller built for you and programmed for your needs. That would automate this for you.

Those type of sensors are readily available and inexpensive. Ask your local nerd for a little help.

To those that mentioned sprinklers... We have watering restrictions here.

If it's not in the lease then you can't make the tenant spend the extra money on the water bill.  If you are paying utilities then just buy a bunch of soaker hose, a splitter, and a timer and set it up for them.  If the tenant pays.. Negotiate and get the terms in writing.

Bury the soaker hose under an inch of soil to prevent dry rot.

You said "no more than 12 inches"...we normally tell people 10-18" because if the hose ends up against the foundation that can cause issues as well.

The key is to maintain a consistent level of moisture. The back and forth of dry, wet, dry, wet etc... Causes most issues and is compounded by the 3 year drought(going on 4) that north texas is experiencing.

If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message. I work for one of the larger dfw foundation repair companies and would be glad to help out if possible.


Thanks @Edita D.  .

Hadn't thought of a foundation issue like that in Fort Worth (or some of the other neighborhoods.) I'll file that info away or find it again when I am looking for info on the BP site.

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