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Assuming you prefer good quality photos/video of a unit to post in ads or on websites, how often do you update the photos/video to keep them current with the actual condition of the unit?

As a renter I often found it frustrating and misleading when landlords used photos that were several years old.

I'm just curious about everybody's thoughts and ethics surrounding this......


I try to update my pictures after almost every move out since I typically have to paint & do some minor repairs, which kind of change the look of the home but not the space.

@Amelia Kayes  I'm overdue for a photo update. I typically splice them in my videos but I'm thinking about just moving the photos to

We make it standard procedure that we take "move in photos and video" this consists of 150-200 pictures of the property. We do this in the same direction and open all drawers and cabinets, toilet covers, blinds etc... Also we do a full interior and exterior video of the property. 

When the tenant moves out we take the exact same pictures in the same sequence and also the same video.

This is how we determine the security deposit disposition of what we are deducting from their deposit. 

Also when they give notice that they are moving we send them the link to the pictures and the video explaining that this is the condition of the property we rented to them and this is how we expect it back.

You can take the pictures with your smartphone and upload them to free photo storage sites like Picasso or photo bucket.

Again if this is your business you should follow and stick to your procedures, if you don't how can you expect your tenant to?

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