Replace Furnace and Boiler

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College Student House

Looking to buy house- Furnace and Boiler needs to be replaced( I think)

3400 sq ft 6 bedrooms ( including basement)

Baseboard heating.

Trying to get ballpark of cost?


@Kevin C. a furnace a boiler are 2 different things, if you need a furnace with little duct modifications around 2k should get you a 90%, with a smaller investor friendly company. Check with your REIA, boiler is a different story,and hard to say, have the pipes frozen?

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To answer your question, really need more info.... the place has a furnace and boiler and baseboard heating? How old is the building? What is the make-model-year of the furnace? Some furnaces last 50 years or longer. Others have an expected life expectany half that. What fuels the furnace? - electric, gas, oil, coal? Ditto for the boiler - need make, model, year.  What is the heat distribution system? - ductwork, pipes, radiators? Where are the electric baseboard heaters located? Lastly, what leads you to believe these all need to be replaced? Not working? Damaged? Worn out?

Prices are easy to find by looking on line, visiting stores, and talking to HVAC companies in your area. You'll be looking at the cost of labor and materials.

Thanks Let me get more info and I will return  


Not familiar with your climate and A/C expectations of tenants. 

If A/C is expected by your tenants,  think about that as well.

That's a big house,  is there two heating systems to control different areas? 

Don't worry about AC   in  PA  for students - you will be doing their parents a favor... since they pay the electric bill... if needed you can allow window units if they want but many just go home in

If you have hot water baseboard you should be looking a boiler for the square footage of the house based on the heating load (insulation etc).  It would be easiest to just keep a boiler if that needs to be done.  Gas/oil?    If you have oil and gas is available switch with the new boiler if possible, cost is much cheaper.

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