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Hi, I am looking for a property manager in Richmond, VA to manage several rental properties. If anyone is interested in this opportunity or can recommend any good property managers please let me know.

Thanks very much!

I use Chris Woods Realty.


He is very responsive and does a good job for me and will be selling the property for me in the spring.

Good Luck

What kind of fees are you guys paying for property management?  What services do they provide?  Are there additional fees for going to court?  What kinds of costs are associated with rental calls?  Do your property managers do a good job of keeping vacancies low?

I am managing my 5 rentals in Richmond myself.  For the most part, I own nice houses in less then stellar neighborhoods.  I don't have a problem keeping things rented and I feel like I am keeping my rents at the medium-high end of the price spectrum.  The neighborhoods that I own in require a hands-on approach to property management; I am concerned that hiring a property manager might result in increased evictions, decreased monthly rental rates, late payments, and higher vacancy rates.  I'm also concerned that letting a property manager handle my maintenance will make maintenance costs skyrocket.  What have your experiences been?

I was recommended to Ed Maynes with Atlantic Beacon Realty, engaged them to manage my 13 Richmond, VA properties two years ago, and have been pleased with them. My properties are in good, marginal and bad neighborhoods. ABR has decades of experience dealing with all types of tenants, which fits my needs perfectly.

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Perfect timing for this post, I am looking for a PM in the Richmond area myself. 

@Elizabeth O.

@Patricia Bowler

@Bob Beeler

Do the guys you use (if you know) cover other areas as well? Like outside Ft Lee, Chester, Chesterfield and Midlothian for example. I know some PMs will only cover certain areas. 


I do not think he handles those areas but will ask 

@Patricia Bowler ,

Have you been happy with your service from Atlantic Beacon? I inherited them as a property manager when I bought my duplex in Richmond and my experience has been less than satisfactory. I'm guessing because mine is a lower tier property (and therefore less income for them), I tend to fall pretty low on the priority scale. 

- Tim

If anyone is still in need of a property management company to manage your rental(s), please feel free to reach out to me. I have 10 years experience and have managed 294 properties up to several thousands of units at a given time. I am licensed in the state of Virginia and take continuing education courses to stay abreast of industry changes, fair housing laws, and landlord-tenant act amendments. My company is dedicated to exceptional service and results to both tenants and landlords

Here are just a few services you can expect from me:

-professionalism and 5-star service at all times

-advertise your property

-complete a CMA (comparitive market analysis) and suggest a rental rate that is competitive with similar comps. Rental increases as necessary or as directed.

-daily lead generation to find prospects

-show the property to prospective renters

- process applications: credit and criminal background check, national eviction search, employment verification, previous rental verification,

-collect and deposit rents and security deposits

-prepare lease documents and other notices as needed

-manage maintenance requests

-manage delinquency: (send late notices, prepare UD's, writ's, go to court on your behalf for any eviction proceedings).

-move in/ move out inspections

-routine property inspections

Please reach out to me if you or anyone you know are in need of a property manager that goes the extra mile to protect your investment(s)! 804 888 3244 

Best regards,

Rachel Asay 

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