Adding a tenant to a lease

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I looked through the FilePlace and couldn't find anything suitable.

A tenant is getting married and we want to add his wife to the lease. Does anyone have a sample addendum that can be used for this? I don't want to sign a whole new lease. 

If there is less than a year left I would probably not even change the lease, especially if it is a good tenant. In most cases they have been living together anyway for a while, so it does not change much. Getting married is a lot of paperwork and I am not sure if I would feel that the legal advantage would be big enough to trouble a good tenant. But then I don't know the background and why you want them to be on the lease.

it doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just a document you draft.

Addendum to lease

Addition of tenant to lease

Steve Johnson is added to the lease signed and entered into on July 1st, 2014 between John landlord and Mary tenant effective February 1st, 2015. By this agreement,  Steve has full rights of tenancy. Steve has read and understood he lease and agrees to the terms and provisions within.

Landlord, original tenant and new tenant all sign. All parties get a copy or in his case you can just have a copy yourself and one copy for them together.

@Marcus A.  No, they aren't and won't be living together until they are married. I know it's unusual in this day, but there are still people who believe that's the proper way to do things. I won't be troubling a good tenant, he asked about it Tuesday when he paid his rent. He also asked about renewing his lease, which expires Mar. 31. He travels for work and was concerned that he'd be out of town when it was time to renew and wanted that taken care of. This is the kind of guy who plans ahead, and makes sure his bills are paid early. He's the kind of tenant I'd like to keep for 10-15 years, but he's looking for a farm to buy, so I'm out of luck there.

@Kyle Hipp   Thank you. That's exactly what I needed.

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