Baltimore City Landlord Issues

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Ever since I bought my property in Baltimore I have ran into a few issues.  First I got hit with a fine for trash I was not even aware of in the back of the property.  I forced the city to prove the trash was only there after I purchased the property.  Not sure how they came up with the paperwork.  Then someone else dumped trash at my front door.  Not sure who paid to remove that.   I also had to register the property so I would be immediately notified if something happened with the property.  I was wondering how that is going to work out.  Then today, I just got a code violation for not having any permits.  I have only begun clearing out the property with trash from the inside and not even started my rehab.  This is going to be a very interesting process. I hope it is really worth it in the end.  Will keep everyone updated on this thread.

the property should be clear of any debris outside at all times so if you remodeling I suggest you get  Dumbster permit or hall debris same day . City is cracking down evenfor trash can lids if aren't tied on the cans for rats. If you have any further questions pm or call me. You will still need to register property with the city , MDE as well 

Welcome to the jungle. The city has logically decided that because you are "dumping trash" that you are "Rehabbing". Did you get a stop work order? Keep in mind these so-called "inspectors" are tasked with the job of collecting money for the city, and will do whatever necessary to fill their quotas. Appeal the fine for permits not pulled, but be prepared to prove you aren't doing work. 

Put up a "no tresspassing " sign.   I had a visit form a grading inspector  when I wasn't there. I had signs up and he could only look at things from the street.  He wanted to give me a fine for clearing more than 5000 sq ft without a grading permit .  All I did was mow the grass , the catch is the grass was bamboo 20 ft tall and we mowed it with a bobcat with a bush hog.  When he realized what I did he laughed and told me I was OK . 

@Anil Samuel  I have never heard of that if you are not working on the property. I would contact the inspector. Some types of violations actually come with a form to appeal. If your did make sure you get it in on time.


Environmental citations actually say the due date is 5 days before the due date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by @Ned Carey:



Environmental citations actually say the due date is 5 days before the due date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I almost thought you were going to write:

"Environmental citations actually say the due date is 5 days before the citation was issued!!!!! "


@John Zoulis  I already submitted the paperwork for my rental registration.  Maybe when I go to fix my permit issue I can address that too.

yes it used to be on the same floor. normally you will need MDE tracking number ,insurance policy number as well. 

@Anil Samuel I'm new to investing in Baltimore and find these sort of stories very informative. Do you mind sharing with us how things worked out for you? How have things been going over all?

@Anil Samuel I see that you have received your first experience with Baltimore City. They purposely do this type of thing to raise money for the City. They will torment you right and left. I just finished a $50,000 renovation that was fully permitted and had the use and occupancy permit. They sent me a code violation stating i needed to secure the house, get permits and could not rent it until all this occured. I called the inspector and it took two weeks for her to get back to me. She looked it up and said I see you have all your permits but you did not pick up your your last permit yet. Until you do I will not take it off the problem list. This example is just a tiny example of what you should expect in the future. My advice is to Tenant-proof your house and City-proof your house. Otherwise you are just asking for trouble. I hope that helps.

Rich Baer, Attorney

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