Tenant moving in a criminal released from prison with her in a 2-flat without notifying me

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I have a tenant I inherited when I bought this 2-Flat in July 2013 in Cook County, Illinois.  She has 3 kids and has been a good tenant so far.  Timely rent, no damage, no excessive complaints.  Police called me today and notified that a person released from prison is moving in this property I own, on this Friday with my tenant.  She did not notify me nor seek approval to move in this person with her.  I donot want this person in my property.  I signed a "No Tresspass" clause with the Village so they will have authority to arrest any tresspasser on this property.  Tomorrow, I will be putting  "No Tresspassing" signs on this property.  It is a month to month lease.  I am also planning to give her a written warning that she cannot move in anybody who is not on the lease with her.  I would actually want this tenant out ASAP in order to avoid any more problems with her in future.  This person was convicted of large amount of dangerous drugs and spent a few years in prison.

Any advise will be appreciated.             

@Atul Mohlajee  what does your lease say?  send it to me if you want and I will read it, but there should be a clause about unauthorized occupants staying more than X amount of days without approval.  

@Atul Mohlajee  

  Nice of the police or whoever to notify you.

Me being the super landlord I am NOT.. I would rent to this lady and end up with a biker gang in there before I knew what hit me  :)

I would think it depends on the what the crime was...

Call her and let her know that the police informed you about him moving in. Tell her he is not allowed to move in, and if he does that you will be evicting them immediately. I would follow this up with a certified letter.

It states: Occupants:   "The said premises shall not be occupied by no more than 1 adults and 3 children"

It also states,  Assignment and Subletting:  " Lessee shall not assign this agreement or sublet any portion of this premises without prior written consent of the lessor".

Crime was dangerous drugs large amounts.  Prison time was a few years which he is completing.

I don't blame you for not wanting a criminal in your property.  I would just let your tenant know (in writing) that you have been informed that she is getting a roommate and her Rental Agreement does not allow that.   Then I would let her know what the consequences will be if she decides to let him move in anyway.  Either option (eviction or ending her current Rental Agreement) leaves her without a home.

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