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depends on exact location, condition, sq footage, and number of baths / beds.

Generally speaking for the more defered stock which is typical in that area ~900 for three bed 1 bath apartment. 600 - 700 for a 2/1 apartment. 925 and up for a 3 bed house.  1100 and up for a 4 bed sf.  Better location & condition means higher rents.  There are high rents in Sibley track which is 19th.  

I'm talking specifically 19th, not blurred borders.  

@Ralphy Rosado   the property that I own is in the sibley tract of the 19th ward in Rochester and rents for $1350 - lower end (the tenants lived in the house as we rehabbed it and this is the rent we started them at) and is 6 bedrooms 3 baths. This house is all rehabbed. 

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i have 3 SFR, each 3bed/2bath all in 19th ward. They are all recent rehabs, and each fetch me 1200 + utils. My double on Fairview near GPB gets 775 upper, and 725 lower. They are 2bed/1bath.

Back in the day, 2006-2007, when I was a grad student at the university of Rochester,19th ward was a no go zone for us, especially, the fresh off boat foreigners. 

Has it transformed ?

I just came back from driving around cities in upsate new york, beacon, poughkipsee, albany, troy, kingston and rochester.

Its amazing how much Rochester has changed since I graduated. The downtown seems more vibrant and getting gentrified with trendy apartment building .