Rental Key Entry - College Students??

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House will be rented to 6-10 Students...  What would you recommend for entry?  Various options- Keyless?  Landlordlocks?  Kwikst ?  


We use schlage for all of our properties.

What exactly are you asking for? Just entry into the house? Individual locks to multiple units? We just have regular locksets on our student rental. I think schlage. 

Sorry- single family house- 10 Bedrooms  ... 2 Entrances  ( 1 main entrance front - other rear)  ...  Trying to see what would be easiest for College Students?  I know they forget/loose keys etc...    


@Kevin C.  

Honestly college kids don't lose their keys any more than anyone else does.  In my limited experience (2 years x 2 duplexes) I had 1 lost key with college students.  It was a grad student.  He paid for both locks to be switched.  ~$300 all told.

My fraternity house had code locks on the two main entrances.  Expensive, but easy to change the codes.  No keys for any of the 40 people living there.  Not sure I'd recommend this for random college kids however.  We had a strict policy of who got the codes outside the frat.  And it changed regularly.

Key cards seem like a good bet.  Easy to slip into the wallet, hard to lose.


We can help you with your needs. We specialize in Student Housing.

I would just use normal locks, I prefer Schlage also.  I would buy a matched set for the entry doors or have one rekeyed to match the other.  In our multi units with common access doors, code requires doors that close and lock on their own,  I would consider that in this case too.  Keep a spare set for turn over time with keys already made, if you ever need to swap locks you are ready.


I love keypad deadbolt locks.  Once I tried them on one place, I started to use them on every entrance to every unit.  You can reset codes when tenants move out instead of replacing locks, and you will never be called to let a tenant in because he lost the key.  

College kids rotate quickly. They also lose things, "borrow" things, and like to give out spares to everyone they know. Key cards are the way to go. A bit more expensive up front, but the cards are cheap and you can keep giving every new college kid their own card. They cannot copy it (well, not easily) and if they move out, you can deactivate their card. My 2 cents

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