your best tenant ever! how did they find you?

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hi BP

Think about your best tenants...

How did they find your rental?

How did you find them?

Newspaper, sign, Realtor, property manager





although she advised me not to rent to him he is trouble. He made his agent cry.

5 yrs now pays all rent at one time ;) not sure if staying? Or relocating?

Trouble up front...zen after

Just tough negotiator on terms

Updated almost 4 years ago

all rent at one time, bc after 1 yr of monthly, he decided it was troublesome. so pays me 11 month and then the 12th and decided if he wanted to exercise the option to renewal at pre negotiate price at original signing (LOL that was the sticking point

Updated almost 4 years ago

best tenant maybe bc he is half a continent away and the condo has inhouse maintenance ;p

My best tenant come from word of mouth. I actually just got a call today from a young lady looking for a place. Another word of mouth. Hopefully this one works out well also. 

Every tenant except one came through craigslist. The good, the great, the bad. Only one tenant came from a realtor. 

I've had a few real besties, and they've been inherited. When I purchase bldgs. I make a point of saying hi and letting residents get a feel for who I am, (and oh so vice versa!). A handshake and a smile is reassuring to all. And lest I forget: the rent. Yes, the rent on time is most reassuring. A mustie for any and all bestie contenders!! 

Zillow and Craigslist.  They found me because the property looks nice and I actually responded when they contacted me. 

my best came from craigslist.

so did the WORST, though.. from hell i swear!

the best one happened to just had moved from nyc to la just like me, and works fo the government and makes like 100k/yr and is truly a Godsent i never thought i'd say this but thank you CList

ps- i never clicked on the personals i'd feel scarred for life hearing already from others what goes on 'there'

the best holdover from a foreclosure lived there almost 9 years always pays on time

others craigslist  good ,bad,and ugly

Great sharing ;)

I haven't used Craigslist

My last oneds is word of mouth from ppl in area and my $1 sign from Lowes.

I got it rented bef my personal sign was up more than a day, too soon to tell, but so far so good ;)

Restaurant tenant I was dual agent

Friend of a friend, so I guess you'd say word of mouth.  8 Years as of next month.  Always pays on time.  Keeps me informed of anything going on with the house.  Takes good care of the place.

The one who had a job and checking account :)

21 year tenant... word of mouth, ended up also renting another place for 15 years

30 year tenant... answered newspaper ad

17 year tenant... answered newspaper ad

21 year tenant...word of mouth ended up buying another house from me

not a tenant but somebody else placed a "wanted" ad in newspaper.  I called them showed them my property, wasn't quite what they were looking for.  they said, "Do you have anything else?"  I said yes I do and sold them 11 other properties.

As many of ya'll know, I don't do tenants, I seller finance. But the best buyers I have found have been either through street signs or Craig's List. You gotta qualify them carefully if you don't want to have to foreclose in three months. Pretty much like you do with a renter. 

@Sky Mikesell  that is the best kind of tenant, and pays on time!

so where did you get them from? how did they find you?


Realtor 2

Craiglist etc: 4........also worst tenant ;p

Newpaper ads: 2

Word of mouth:  5

Inherited:  2

Updated almost 4 years ago

Signs: 2

sorry, we also find that posting signs in the neighborhood works really well. I've picked up a couple good buyers from the neighborhood that way. 

@Sky Mikesell  

Have had several good tenants who don't have checking accounts.  As long as they pay in USD, I don't care.

the checking account thing was sorta a joke :)  i agree we have had good tenants w/ out checking accounts also... checking account or not it all comes down to a tenants desire to honor their bills and more importantly make paying rent there most important bill to pay. 

My best tenant came from Craigslist:  He gave me a list at the end of his 3 year tenancy of all the things he fixed or replaced over the course of the 3 years and never called me about. Just as an FYI and not for reimbursement.  He changed out the sprinkler timer, trimmed the large tree, installed crown molding.  Not bad.

Craigslist is still great. but you ;ve got to sort through all the junk too...

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