What to do when something goes wrong??

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We have a rental property. It has a big rod iron fence on a track and support bars to keep it aligned. And the renters had pushed it of the track and they are saying that the wind blew it over onto the small boy. She was in the back of the house when this happened. He was alone in the front. This gate is very heavy for wind to blow it over. My question is should I contact my insurance company even before she has took any steps that way? Or should I wait and see what happens?

No reason to contact your insurance company. She needs to contact her own insurance company. They will decide whether or not to go after you or your insurance company. 

Thank you very much Rob. We have been worried about this all day.

I think I would wait, too.  I used to work for lawyers and I can hear them in my head saying to keep quiet and don't admit to anything or say you're sorry, etc.

If they knocked it off the track and didn't tell you, and that's why it fell, then you shouldn't be liable for negligence, in my opinion.  But, I'd wait and if they want to talk to you about a claim or a lawsuit, tell them you'll have to talk to your lawyer and insurance company about what to do.

I hope the boy is okay.

I also want to note the little was fine. We rushed over to make sure and also are sure the parents took him to the doctor. He's fine.

Thank you very much Sue. The boy was fine. Outside playing like nothing at all.

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