How to Proceed with Evicting Tenant (Family Member)?

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My wife has power of attorney over her parents house in Philly. They recently moved back to the Caribbeans and rented out their home to a family member. The cousin paid first and security and has yet to pay the April rent. The family member (cousin) has even gone far as to demand paying $40 less due to receiving transfer fee from wiring the rent from her bank to my in laws bank. My in laws gave her the bank account and locations within the area for her to make rent deposit but it seems the cousin has their own agenda. We recently found out that the cousin even changed the locks of the house and hasn't given us a copy of the key when we asked for one. Eviction is clearly the next step but what are your thoughts and advice fellow BPers?

Find an attorney in the area of the property that specializes in landlord tenant law and have them start the eviction process.

@Ayodeji Kuponiyi yep, you don't need to read any farther @Jon Holdman

 is absolutely correct. When family is involved, it is not a DIY eviction. The cousin may take the matter personally.

Get yourself a  specialist today and start the process. You don't want to make a mis-step.

Definitely don't put this off. Take action today. I'm sorry you're going through this situation!

@Nicole W. I'm sorry too. I already got in touch with a real estate attorney 

@Ayodeji Kuponiyi   If you need an eviction attorney, inbox me.  I have been using the same attorney for years.  They handle everything for me involving the eviction process.

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