Bedroom with no window...any ideas?

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Hello ladies and gents,

       There is this town home I am considering putting an offer in on. In this said property there is a bedroom that is in between two other bedrooms and against the wall of the neighbor. Now this bedroom has no window and I can't put one to the outside since it is a town home. Game plan is to section 8 it...more bedrooms, more money. I have considered putting in a sky light but that could be costly. Not sure how much that would run. Just wondering if anyone on here has some creative ways to make this a legit bedroom. Thank you for your input. 

It every jurisdiction where we operate, this would not legally a bedroom as there is no egress (other than the interior door).  A skylight would not count as an egress "window" cannot be more than 44" off the floor.

You can be pretty much certain that social housing (Section 8) will not permit the room to be counted/used as a bedroom.

If you have not yet made an offer on the property, run your analysis as if it had one less bedroom and generated the according amount of revenue.

@Tariq B. yep, as typical @Roy N. is spot on. The no egress room could be marketed as a den, bonus room, or storage but not a bedroom.

There are some very nice fiber optical skylight systems that would brighten up this room.

I would advertise that room as a playroom, office, media room, "climate controlled storage", etc.

A bedroom must absolutely have egress, as mentioned by others. Also a closet, I believe. How about punching out a wall and expanding the adjacent room? Or follow the suggestions others have so kindly offered and repurpose it.

If you are planning to rent with the Section 8 program, be sure to approach the tenant screening and enforcement of the rental agreement that same as you do with your non Section 8 tenants. There is actually little difference, other than Section 8 subsidizing the rent, doing periodic inspections, requiring a one year lease for at least the first year and perhaps longer notice periods for changing rental agreement terms. Our Section 8 tenants are worthy of the same respect and decent living conditions as all of our other tenants. Their case managers at the local Housing Authority can be great partners with you if you take the time to get to know them and give them the respect they deserve as well. Makes for a win-win. Our longest term tenant (26 years in the same apartment) is a Section 8 tenant... pays rent on time and takes care of the place.... fabulous!

Its not a bedroom.  Without any ability to create egress, its impossible to make into a bedroom.  Section 8 is very strict about this.

Question for those with more knowledge, can the OP put a second door to the room going into not of the other bedrooms and then get that to count as a second exit?

Just a thought, curious if the room has to have direct access to an exterior window or door.

@Bob E. I just dealt with this recently.
An egress must be an exit to the outside of the structure into a yard or alleyway that allows complete exit of the structure into open air-
So a door out of the bedroom would not qualify for an egress. Unless maybe if it was an exterior door leading outside. (Not sure on that one - best to pose that question to your city building code inspector)

@Blair Poelman thanks.  I tried to vote for you but the voting button seems to not be working right now.

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