Poor cleaning of vacation rental by property management.

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Hi All,

We recently signed on with a new property manager for our vacation rental.  We're generally happy with the performance EXCEPT with the quality of cleaning.  Currently, I've been making surprise inspections of the property just before vacationers are scheduled to arrive. I've only done this twice so far, but both times found cleaning to not pass my inspection.  On the first instance, I emailed the property management representative and let them know specifically what wasn't cleaned properly.  They replied saying that they would address the issue with their cleaning staff.  On the second instance, I found that the cleaning level was not improved.

I am, by no means a perfectionist and my partners would consider me to be the least picky about cleanliness.  I am not interested in dropping our PM for this one problem, but would instead like to get the issue addressed without me nagging about it regularly and not having to drive there and check on things all the time. 

Any advice about how to address this with our PM in a way that actually gets results?  Thanks for your time.

Hi @Keith K.

One of the first things I would do is ask your PMs and housekeepers "how can we make your job easier?" I do this with our PMs and housekeepers at least 3-4 times a year.  They really appreciate this gesture and it really does help get everyone on the same page when it comes to running your unit(s).

I would also politely explain to them what type of cleaning standard you are desiring for your unit and maybe even discuss how your previous PM had your unit cleaned (if you are going from one PM to this new one).  Your definition of clean and the PM's definition may be off.  If you can't come to a mutual agreement of what "clean" is, then maybe it's time to find a new PM that will meet your standards.  

Best of luck and let us know how everything works out!

@Keith K. good for you for holding high standards. The ability to have crucial conversation is the difference between a class act and an amateur.

Go ruffle the feather a bit.

If you want to keep the PM regardless of the cleaning issue, then why don't you choose a cleaning company and require the PM to use them.  Then adjust what your payment is to the PM, if it includes a cleaning fee. 

You gave them a chance to do a good job and they didn't.  So, I'd approach it that way. You can't do the cleaning properly, but you're great at the other things - so from here on out, you are to use these guys, and may no longer charge me a cleaning fee.  Something like that.

@Jeremy Baker thanks so much for your response.  Your advice is just what I needed.  Thanks also to @Sue K. and @Al Williamson for the additional perspective.  I am crafting my email to the PM right now.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

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