Property insurance company for Indiana properties

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I am looking for some recommendations on good insurance companies for rental

properties in Indiana.

I have Farmers for my own homes and cars in California and have been very happy with

their reponce and customer service.

I have been extremely disappointed with my insurance on the Indiana properties. I

had water damange due to pipe bursting last year on two of my rentals. My insurance

paid for one where the property manager's insurance was from a different company and

they got the money from his insurance. They did not pay for the damage in the other

house where the property manager also had insurance with them. The cause and situation were the same.

I am thinking of going with Farmers for the Indiana properties too.

Any suggestion/recommendation?

Hi, thanks a lot for the information. I will check with NREIG.

I switched from Farmers a few years ago for poor service and horrible local agents.

I know use a local insurance broker that can shop for me and get the best rates.

Here's her info:

Mary Stockdale

Fox and Fox Inc.

[email protected]

(317) 925-1456 ext 1023

3815 River Crossing Parkway Suite 100

Indianapolis, IN 46240

Really the issue is not with the rates. I am willing to pay a higher rate if I can have peace of mind that they will pay up when there is an problem.  My last insurance company - Eerie insurance did not pay for one of the 2 homes that suffered pipe bursting during the cold spell some time back.  My prop manager says that from his experience Farmers is good in that regard.  My own experience with auto insurance with Farmers also bears that out.

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