How come so many apt seekers don't heed BY APPOINTMENT ONLY?

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Didnt used to be so bad. I'm guessing it might be a language barrier or something? absent some other explanation.

always do put BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in my online ads but now more than ever, folks will show up at the door, knocking and everything, some even help themselves to- after knocking -walk into the driveway and around the whole premises 'inspecting' the whole building even if its just one unit within.

totally understand scoping out a neighborhood, street, building, and yard before making an appointment but find ppl who just totally ignore whats written in the listing and instead will show up and rather know than call from their cell, inexcusable. maybe a decade or two ago when ppl hardly ever had car phones let alone cell phones it would be understandable but just dont get how applicants expect to be taken seriously while totally being blind to such simple 3 words.

then on the flipside, there is the parallel to the story - where the person who calls an employer and/or walks in without appointment despite the ad clearly stating resumes only no calls no walk in applications available, etc - gets the job.

Most people operate on the principle that its easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.

How do they know where the apartment is? You could try not putting the address in the ad. If you have a "for rent" sign in the window, that's another story. Another tip is to only put pictures of the inside of the unit, that way they can't find the building based on a photo of the exterior, say in a small town.

never put a sign on but do give out address in ad because nowadays ppl will call to say YOU 'FORGOT' TO PUT THE ADDRESS so i got tired of that years ago and have been putting address and right after, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. without address ppl too often call just to ask where exactly is it located and i do want them to be familiar with the neighborhood but also follow simple direction.

Speaking for myself, I have had no problem keeping the address out of the ad.  I've never put it in there, and I require people to call so we can have a conversation before I let them know the address.  I really suggest you try that again.  I do describe the general location, because that is important.

I put the address in my ad, but I'd put, "Do not disturb the manager without making an appointment by telephone first."

Anyone who did not respect this, was denied.

If you're in a hot market, people may be afraid you'll rent it to someone else.

But, when I was a resident manager, if someone didn't make an appointment with me and just knocked on my door, I learned not to answer the door.  I wanted them to know to respect my boundaries and my private home space.

Anyway, you may want to put in the ad not to disturb tenants and that they must make an appointment by phone before they can see an apartment.  You may even go so far as to say that anyone who does not respect this will be automatically denied.

They'll still do it, but at least you can then deny them without a grain of guilt.

And if they're a no-show or are late past 15 minutes, I'd deny them, too.

I'd be amazed how some people would be complete no-shows, then call me a day or two later wanting to make another appointment and be completely shocked when I told them I would never rent to them because they did not value my time.

How do these people make it through life, I'd wonder?

Don't put the address in an online ad; just give the nearest cross streets or the hundred (such as 24xx) block. They won't know the exact address until they have contacted you for an appointment that way. It might also help to protect from the online rental scammers who hijack ads and steal the photos for phony ads. 

thanks for all the input. i'll also consider omitting the address but in a way i rather identify those that cant follow simple instructions and weed them out by when there, ookin out the window and blacklisting them for not following instrux, than be bugged by folks calling to tell me i 'forgot' to include the address or the likes.  it does seem like in this area folks do expect to have the exact address in front of them compared to back in nyc. 

I never put the address, never a sign out front either. I do include plenty of pictures in my online ads (craigslist) but carful not to give away exact address. Show some street pics and the general location, say 1600 block of so and so.

I have found yard signs bring to many questionable people.    


We only do showings after the prospective tenant has passed our telephone screening. If someone unexpectedly stops by when we are showing a place to a prescreened applicant, we will greet them and give them a property description flyer which also has our contact information. We let them know we prescreen before showing and that showing is by appointment only. I'll take their name and phone number and call them later to do the telephone screening. We do put the address in our ad, which is quite common in our market, but we no longer put a "for rent" sign out. For rent signs tend to attract mostly unqualified folks who haven't read our requirements and makes it obvious the place is vacant. Another thing, we make sure all the windows have window coverings to discourage people from walking around and peeking in.

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