What to do when tenant ignores you (aka landlord)?

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Lol this tenant is doing lots of firsts for me. In 20 years a tenant has never ignored me. It hasn't been a long time but I expect a trend. It's been three days. I've called and emailed once per day. There are some things I urgently need to discuss with her. So what to do now? I suspect this may overlap with a 3 day pay or quit since she may be ignoring me because it's nearing that time of the month. But let's ignore the pay or quit for a moment. Back to the ignoring me. So should I certify mail something to her? Post something on the door? Or what? Thanks! 

Does she have any other contact or co signers on her lease? Contact her work or school. Just a concerned landlord. Stop by the place. Give her time She'll come around.

Hire someone to had a letter to them.

If something is vital..certificate of mailing (certified mail not guaranteed to be answered) post on door if you want also. Outside of that, boot them out

Post a message on her door stating she should contact you.  If she doesn't contact you in 24 hours, I would post another message on the door stating I would be inspecting the unit in a day or two and that she should contact you to coordinate a time -- say if she does not contact you that day, you will inspect the property on (name day.)

She should contact you after that.

Just do everything in writing.  Whatever you need to discuss with her can probably be done in 30 seconds.  

I liked using priority mail with delivery confirmation, when necessary to have official notice of anything.  I like it because nobody needs to sign anything, and they can't ignore the little notices to go pick something up at the PO.  The letter carrier just scans it and sticks it in their box.  Voila!  Proof of delivery.

Emails work, too.  You could do both.

And if the issue is you need to enter, just give her proper notice of when you'll be entering.  No need to get permission or work out a convenient time, if she's not responding.  If you need to tell her to clean up the yard or whatever, just tell her what she needs to do and give her a deadline.   With proof of delivery.

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