Rental Applicant Refuses to Provide Credit Bureau with his SS#

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seriously now.. i thought i was being mutually discreet by NOT requiring the SS# directly on the application, nor even charging an application fee, for my own properties (as opposed to properties i PM for).

but one of today's prospective tenants who seems to meet income requirements (on paystub with SS# blotted out) has refused to provide SS#,,, to the credit bureau itself!

the way it works is they sign up with a major credit bureau of their choice and provide the credit bureau with my email so the credit bureau can forward me their credit report. that way i'm not personally liable at all for any possible allegations of misuse of their SS#. its the ONLY way i will accept a credit report for persons applying for my own rentals. 

how can someone not want to provide their SS# to the credit bureau?! i mean, granted the credit bureau isn't technically a 'government agency' but then again neither is the employer that obviously has their SS# on their paycheck which applicant blotted out.

and besides, every sane person knows credit bureaus already have most everyone's SS# on file.. don't they??

ps- this is the first week/end i'm using the credit bureaus' 'consumer-initiated credit report share' feature and have yet to see how it goes.

If you are a Property manager why don't you use the same procedures you use every day as a property manager to screen your own tenants? 

I am sure that every state is different how things are done and legal issues. But I know that we do not deviate from any applicant the way we process them and the things we require. If we do one thing different and do not make one person do something EVER... we have set a precedent and this can be considered a discrimination violation if the denied applicant pursues legal action. It also can be a Fair Housing Violation, depending on what you did or did not require.

To be safe, I would suggest that if they do not provide what is needed you do not want them as a tenant. 

Think of it this way.... They should be on their best behavior now trying to get a place. If you are having problems now this is a HUGE red flag of things to come in your future when dealing with them.

Even in a slow market I would pass on anyone that does not follow my rules... I used to bend the rules and be "Creative" to try and get tenants into the properties... That gave me a 30% vacancy rate with my own rentals.. 

Now we manage over 450 homes and we have a less then 2% eviction rate.. Because we follow our procedures and do not waiver.

Just my opinion 

I was under the impression that the email will contain the renter's SSN. (I might be wrong). But why not use the services of as a landlord?

Link is on Biggerpockets as well:

Or just move on to the next applicant...

It is an incomplete app and those don't get processed, at least for us.

totally agree Steve, if applicant doesn't wanna complete application that's a huge flag right there that they won't be cooperative.

thx Mike, shukria Pari baba, will look into smartmoves! 

Jeremy, i simply don't want the liability of potentially being personally accused of 'id theft' and the likes of 'negligent enablement' thereof in today's highly litigious America where it seems like 50% americans are prescribed some sort of psychiatrics drugs and the other half on recreational ones; and the average civilian being practically a professional 'crisis actor'. 

frankly, and im not even kidding, 10-20 years ago it used to be that young adults wanted to be rock stars. now its practically like every one wants to be 'lawyer'? hardly a day doesn't go by where i have a college grad who majored in art or english lit or biotech but what does he or she want to be? a lawyer! must be something in the air waves.

as for PMingthere is a legal counsel contact for every one of my clients as they are organizations; as for me i dont 'call my lawyer' i am an individual sole proprietor and so far, always pro se. 

litigious america, gotta luv it, eh?

He's to paranoid to give his SSN to a company that already has his SSN??? Sounds like a wackadoodle or someone with something to hide. Wait for the next applicant.

That sounds like a huge red flag to me.  They must be trying to hide something.

Run far away from this person.

Incomplete application.  Move on to the next one.

I agree with everybody here, Incomplete application. Move on to the next one.

thanks all, not soliciting the SSN directly is working great; i have yet to see if these services like acutraq and experianconnect will furnish the SSN in their furnishing of the applicants' credit reports to me and meanwhile i'm looking into getting my own standalone credit checking as a PM although for now for my employer's clientelle i use tht firm's for those clientelle (i'd never use the firm's credit check software for my own applicants!)

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