Santa Monica vs AirBNB

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Not sure how many of you rent via AirBNB or similar sites in Santa Monica, but check out how the city government is trying to stop short term rentals.  Hopefully they don't set a precedent and kill the vacation / short term rental market! :(

Yep the pendulum is going to swing too far before the laws figure out what to do with the collaborative economy. It's just a process.

History repeats. It's Probation all over again.

At the end of the day they just want a cut of the action. And they'll get it. At the end of the day...

"It's Probation all over again."   Prohibition.

I'm impressed with Long Beach's decision about Uber-- loosen regulations on the old business model (taxis) to help it compete with the sharing economy model:

Now this is plain common sense.  Passing laws to regulate the innovative, disruptive business models is not.

Don't buy Los Angeles multi-family dwelling with the plan of doing AirBnB...

Los Angeles is likely going to limit AirBnB to primary residence.  There are many sides to this issue.  Most investors side with free enterprise.  But this article will give me some pause to use AirBnB because of the lack of sanitation standards!  Bring your own ultraviolet light! :-}

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Has anyone tried doing 1-3 month-long leases through companies like Homesuite? Seems like it could be a great way to keep renting in Santa Monica. 

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