Best place to buy Vinyl Plank Flooring in Northern Atlanta?

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I am looking to pick up some vinyl plank for a rehab that I am trying to finish by the first of the month and I am having trouble finding a vinyl plank option for a good price.  (other than big box retail)

Does anyone have a good place they use?


I've only every gotten it from the Big Orange Box, the lowest price for the most common colors is $1.79 sq. ft (except once Oak was on special sale for 99¢!!).  I'm planning to go with it again for a bedroom where half the hardwood floor was replaced with plywood after a water incident. Boo.  But I've got no complaints with the Box's vinyl plank.

@Anna Watkins

 Have you used the type with the grip strip?  If so, what are your impressions?

I just laid a large kitchen with a similar vinyl product that had a distressed scraped look.

$1.78sqft from an outlet store here... squaring the initial row is paramount. After that it was push & click. I could also put it through my table saw for the very straight longitudinal cuts.

I did the Lvg rm in 12mm laminate & that was a lot more work.

here's a little b4 & after & we rented it IMMEDIATELY for $225/mo more plus all utilities.

Floor and Decor?

Thanks @Jay Y. , They are around the same price if not a little more. 

Originally posted by @Mark Graziano:

 Have you used the type with the grip strip?  If so, what are your impressions?

 Yep, that's all I've used, and so far so good.  It's really easy to lay, though you do have to make sure you're squared up before laying the first row.  It can be tricky to peel the grippy bits apart to make any adjustments, and the planking can break while trying (it's only half-thickness at the strips).  I patched in with double-sided tape in a couple of places and it hasn't been a problem (knock wood).

Here's the rundown:

1) - Blue slate TrafficMaster in my home kitchen (approx. 150 sq ft) in February 2014.  Holding up well, doesn't show kitchen dirt, no vinyl smell, no apparent peeling or anything. I laid this my very own personal self, took about 14 hours (lots of fiddly cutting around moulding and odd corners).  I ordered online and it was delivered to the door!

2) Autumn Oak in rental kitchen - approx 110 sq ft..  Had the handyman lay this on top of plywood subfloor. No problems, he charged me $150.  We reused the same molding -- I painted the pieces, he reinstalled them.  This was August 2014.  No problems that I've heard of.  This is a standard in-store color (and $1.79/ sq.ft.) so I bought it at the Box.

3) Autumn Oak in rental family room (former carport) , around 250 sq ft- same handyman laid this in February 2015.  Since the subfloor is plain concrete, he laid the planking right on top of the old carpet (in hopes of providing a bit more insulation come winter).

4) Coventry Oak in my home bathroom (only 50 sq ft) sometime about 2 months ago - did this myself, and even did it in installments, leaving pieces out for 2-3 days until I had a window of time to replace the toilet (when you have one bathroom and two teens, you gotta be careful!). I covered the grip strips with the backing paper to keep them clean, and was able to fit in pieces with no trouble.  It looks great -- but the white-ish color is much harder to keep clean looking and shows scuff marks.  So far there's no problem with water or peeling -- being a high moisture environment I'm keeping an eye out for that as a possibility.  This was also a special order color -- delivery to the house was quick and simple.

Originally posted by @Jay Y. :

Floor and Decor?

 tenant offered to pay for all painting if they could choose the colors.  Done !!!

Originally posted by @Mark Graziano:

I am looking to pick up some vinyl plank for a rehab that I am trying to finish by the first of the month and I am having trouble finding a vinyl plank option for a good price.  (other than big box retail)

 How thick are you wanting? Peel and stick, glue down, or floating?

everyone keeps quoting 1.70 ish but you also have to add .50-70 cents for the under padding so the cost comes out to more. and thats where my question comes in is laminate really cheaper than tile? I guess the cost difference is in the labor correct?

Thank you @Anna Watkins

@Jay Y. I am looking for a floating as it seems like it is the easiest to install.  However from @Anne Watkins feedback, I may go with the Allure.

@Wayne Leebowitz -- The TrafficMaster gripstrip planking doesn't need any underlayment.  It's essential sheet vinyl that comes in pieces (if that makes any sense) and is installed floating over the subfloor.  You are supposed to anchor it around the walls/edges with double-sided tape, but other than that it's not attached to the floor at all.  It can go over practically anything that's flat.

Thanks for all the help guys.  I went with a click system from floor and decor.  It came out quite nice.  I do have 1 question to run buy all of you though.  

So  I have an exterior door which leads directly into the owners bedroom.  This areas was carpeted, but i pulled it up and it seems like it has had issue with water leaking in here and i am having the same issue. I have replaced the door already which has cut down on any water issues but I do not want to replace the carpet just to have the same problem.  I was thinking of making this small areas vinyl.  


Here are pics of the finished room.  I would use this same thing in the small hallway in the owners and do carpet in the rest of the room. 

Finished vinyl plank

Finished 2

This is the entry way leading from the back yard into the owners bedroom

entry way

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