Lakeland Fl porch roof repair/handyman needed

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Should I repair the porch roof with drywall or vinyl soffit?  Does anyone have a recommendation for a person that Can address this situation in polk county?

Also, I need a handyman to fix a microwave handle.

I'm interested in fixing your microwave handle. sounds like a well paying gig considering you can pick up a decent used 1200 watt microwave at goodwill for $19.95.

@Anil Samuel can't help you with a handy man but I wouldn't go with drywall anything on exterior I'd go with soffit 

Hi Anil, I have some contacts nearby if you want to PM me, especially if you are on the east side. Jeff
Hi Anil Samuel I have some contacts nearby if you want to PM me, especially if you are on the east side. Jeff

@Jeff T.

  I appreciate the quick response and assistance.  I did reach out to the person you suggested.

@Mike Freidenberger

I was leaning toward vinyl soffit.  Drywall doesn't really make sense, but it's what is installed there currently. I have someone taking  a look Monday morning.

Anybody in Lakeland FL that sells and installs used microwaves?

@Anil Samuelcheck the big box stores for open boxed items, they have their lists online now.  As for install, they will most likely charge an arm and a leg. 

Do people normally place insulation in an outdoor porch in FL?  I dont think it is really necessary.

@Steve B. that is an interesting suggestion for low end rentals.  I didn't know that Goodwill did appliances, nor would I have thought about it.

@Anil Samueltry the Used restaurant equipment stores in Kissimmee.  For some odd reason, they tend to have residential grade equipment, from time to time.

@Anil Samuelif you insulate a porch that will not be cooled it'll be hotter than normal because the heat won't be able to leave, so no. 

I will notify the contractor.

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