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Good Morning,

I was hoping to get some suggestions for property management software that are comparable alternatives to Appfolio. Being a small time landlord with just three properties, I cannot bring myself to pay the 200+ a month for management software. Its almost more cost effective to hire a property manager at this rate. That being said, I really love many of the features of Appfolio like the clean and fairly accurate credit/background reports. Many times it has caught evictions from other states that I didn't find. I also like the ability to track maintenance requests and assign/email them to vendors. Help. Anything comparable? It would be a plus if I could also build a website from the software but not required. I heard of one called Mr. Landlord or something like that but I can't find information on it. 


I started to use 123landlord. So far I'm happy with it.

Samantha did you find anything that works for you, am in the same boat 

There are about 38 alternatives. You should find some for free, and some that charge you in the $10-$15 range per month. 

  • You should write down the features you want and set a priority to those choices. 

Many folks have their favorites, yet not every vendor does everything well. There are many that charge more money. However with three properties you should not spend too much.

I too am looking for a solution like appfolio but for a small portfolio.

I currently have 2 units but am hopeful to expand to 5 total in the next 3 months.

I am looking for a lower cost property management cloud software system that easily does billing & rubs (ratio utility billing system) so that I can easily manage the payment processes.  Anyone have a suggestion?

@Samantha L. @Geoffrey Serdar Look into Rentec Direct.  Same features of Appfolio but a fraction of the cost.  I've used them for over 4 years and both the product and support have been perfect for me with a smaller portfolio.  I saw in one of their product update announcements sometime in the last year that they also offer a free website to all their users too.  I bet you would like em..

Another slightly less expensive solution is buildium, but they recently raised their prices to be almost as expensive as AF now.  There's also some free ones out there, but frankly I don't trust free.  My data is worth more to me than a "what if" the free company can't afford to keep the doors open.

Hi @Samantha L.

Capterra lists different but comparable software and systems. You can also check out the BP MarketPlace as many people post there and you can talk to them directly to get answers to your questions:)

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