Re-Caulking around Tub/Shower in a standard Bath (COST)

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Hello Y'all, 

I have a rent house that a tenant just left and the caulking around the edge of the tub is TERRIBLY filthy... moldy/mildew yucky! 

It needs to be cut out, then ??? _____________ (washed, bleached, etc?)________ and then recalled. 

Can anyone tell me a FAIR price that one would pay per tub to have this done? 

I know I can do it, but I'm a terrible caulker!!!  So, if I have a handyman do it, I'd just like to know how much to plan on spending ($50 per tub, $100 per visit? etc. 

Thanks in advance, Janne

You will usually pay for whatever the hourly rate would be. If you pay the hundred you might find yourself a handy man for life! I would pay probably $35.00- $50.00 with caulking provided.

Come on you can do it! Buy the good silicon. Use a wet finger. Have plenty of paper towels handy.

Thanks, Y'all!  I know I can do it, and probably will, but need to put it on a tenant's move-out letter as they let the condition get so bad without cleaning.  Just wanted to know if $50 per tub was outrageous or not. 

Sure @Marcia Maynard !

I tried this recently and it works very well! Run a bead of silicone, then mist it lightly with rubbing alcohol before smoothing with your finger. The silicone will not stick to your finger or to anything the alcohol is on. This makes a very neat, tidy line of caulk just where you want it. You do have to be sure that the entire crack is filled with no gaps before misting the alcohol on.

Many spray tops will fit on the bottle the alcohol comes in, or you can pour it in an empty spray bottle. I like to use it for cleaning glass & mirrors, so I always have some hanging around.

ETA: Here's the image from the original post -

If you use a water based acrylic caulk it cleans with water so you can form a beautiful bead with nothing but a wet sponge. You'll be a pro after one tub.

If you want to use a silicone based caulk just get some mineral spirits and you can clean things up as you go, probably take you 3 tubs to be a pro.

That is a task that any handyman should be able to do. It would take the right individual around 10 minutes to caulk a tub. My personal opinion is to watch a couple youtube videos and attempt it yourself. A tub of caulk only costs $5 and you can't really destroy anything if you mess up. Just start over again. You would really be surprised how easy it is.

$125 is a good price if hired out.  $50 and they'll just cover the old stuff over with new stuff and you don't want that.  your right that the mildew needs to be treated or you'll just have to keep fixing it every year and if it's bad enough that its allowing water to get behind it then it will make more problem's than just replacing some gross caulking.  I know this post is old but it comes up on google and all the time.  Nobody but an illegal or a crackhead could do it for $35.