Tenant not paying

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Can I turn the electricity off my garage apt where tenant is staying without payi g?  I posted the five day vacate letter and she has no intention of leaving. I would rather not have to pay the money to file the eviction which is this Thursday oe the electricity she and her now roommate are using. It is 95 degrees here so she couldn't stay long.

This is my first time to deal with tennant like this and it's pretty hard to see her going in and out of apt. She just laughs at me cause she is a professional at this it seems. 

I don't think I'm cut out to be a landlord.:-)


In California, I would not disconnect their electricity if you rented it with it.  It would violate their ability to peaceful use of the property. I would just go through the eviction process, and get them out. I would be willing to pay them to leave also in a cash for keys scenario. 

@Janet Taylor You need to check with Shreveport or Caddo Parrish and find out what the eviction rules are and follow them to the letter.  You could probably be in a lot of trouble and lose financially if you resort to angry response, especially if this tenant is a "professional tenant". It will only cost you the actual cost of eviction if you have to go there.  Not what they will do to you if you violate the law concerning landlord/tenant issues.  Best of luck to You. 

@Janet Taylor do not turn off the electricity. If you do chances are you will be the defendant in a court action, even though the tenant isn't doing what she is supposed to. Landlords are always held to a higher accountability.

Immediately find a real estate attorney to file and or handle your eviction. Don't go at it by yourself. Yes there is a cost to having an attorney but it is important you have someone who knows what they are doing on your side. Delaying the eviction or attempting to do it yourself if you haven't been in landlording long will cost you more in the end than having a professional handle for you now, in my opinion. Learn from my experiences :)

Good luck!

Get an attorney.  Follow the process.  Yes this will cost you money. Yes, you will have to file for eviction, get a court date, go to court (or have your attorney do it), get a set out date, get folks to help with the set out and then you will be rid of the tenant.  No shortcuts, especially if they push back.  Sorry.  This is what you signed up for when you signed the lease.

No, I'm pretty sure turning off the electricity is illegal in every state in the US.  You'll have to go through the eviction process to get her out.  Contact a local landlord tenant attorney who specializes in evictions.

Message me if you need more assistance. I went through an eviction in Bossier two years ago and also one of the judges from Caddo Parish spoke at our REIA a view months back. She gave information regarding evictions and the proper process. I will share with you if you would like.

If she is a professional tenant she's banking on her knowledge and past experience, which sounds like it may trump yours. I'd recommend contacting a local attorney who handles evictions to figure out your next move. It sounds like the tenant is already working her plan, and might have a leg up on you. 

I can only speak to my area, but in NJ there would be penalties for cutting the power off.

Oh no, please don't do that as it will cause more problem than you are trying to solve.

That would not be legal and the tenant seems to be quite savvy and will most likely take you to court.

You need to pursue the eviction process to get her out.

Good luck

Rent the garage to some guys that have Harleys with straight pipes , fill the fridge in the garage with beer .  

No don't cut their power off.  

I had a bad tenant a few months back and cut their water off when they didn't pay. I figured if the water company could do it when they didn't receive their money then why can't I.. Makes sense right.  Long story short... it's illegal for the landlord to do.. It did work though.  They got out pretty fast... But man those bathrooms were nasty!!

I don't see the need to hire an attorney for the eviction though.  All you do is file 1 piece of paper at the magistrate court and show up for court.  The sheriffs office serves the papers.

Most times the tenant won't come and then you're served with a writ to evict them a few days later.  If they do show up have all your ducks in a row and it should be fine.  They'll be given 7 days to leave.