Where to post my property for rent

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Anybody knows where to post my house for rent apart from Craigslist? I tried Trulia and Zillow but they want property address. I don't want to put my address out there for safety reason.

Use Postlets. It will send it to sites like Zillow and Trulia but also allow you to hide the exact address if need be.

forrent.com is a good choice, if you have an apartment, apartmentguide.com is also very popular..

Make sure the neighbors know it's for rent. Yard sign with a link to a YouTube walk through video.

Lately, I have had the most success on local Facebook for rent sites.  I've listed on Craigslist but cannot seem to pull in anyone that can make the rent etc.  Now a days the social media is where it is at.  Then people on these sites share to their friends that are looking.  I then usually conduct an open house style showing a few days - a week later.  I do not post the address until a day or so before, just general area.  I started with having people message me for showings and that worked too.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck

Hey Becky, give RENTLINX a shot. you upload your rental to that one site and it links it to up to 12 other rental sites. I still haven't used it but I've heard great things about it and its free but of course they're gonna try and sell you upgrades. 


Thank you James Wise, Uriel Sanchez, Al Williamson, and Edward Hall. I will definitely try RENTLINX and FORRENT.COM. I tried POSTLETS yesterday, and they wanted the property address, so I backed off. But thanks James. I had a bad experience when I posted my house with address on Trulia and Zillow last time. I am new in this and I am learning what NOT TO DO. I appreciate you all.

You do not have to post the property address to use postlets.

@Becky Ben  What was the bad experience you had when posting the address of your rental property? I have been posting the address of my rental properties on Craigslist ads, etc with no problems so far. Please advise me on the dangers of this. Thanks. 

I can also confirm that postlets doesn't require you to show the address in the listing. You tick a box saying 'hide address'.

Becky, I would also like to know what you experienced by placing your address on Craigslist. I plan to list my rental next week and can benefit from your experience. Thanks

I use Postlets and Rentlinx, and no they don't require that you show the address although I always show mine and have never had a problem. The problems may be dependent on the neighborhood?

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