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I searched the forum and haven't found much.

I got a call from ALE Solutions to rent out my house for a displaced family who had water damage to their house for 3 months, 800 above the rent I am asking for.  They have a huge family of 5 adults and 4 kids + 1 small dog.  Should I even consider it?  Anything I need to know?  Thanks for your input.

I've seen mixed reviews.  Nothing definitive for me.  $2,400 for 3 months on top of normal rent sounds good though.  

A few questions...

did they own the house or rent?  I ask that because it could have been renters insurance that kicked in for them.  If that's the case and they're renters not owners, they could stay longer than their insurance covers.

What happens after 3 months?  Is ALE Solutions still responsible if they don't move?

Can you directly screen these "5" adults yourself?

ALE Solutions may or may not be a stand up company, but what about the family.  It's not unheard of for people to scam insurance companies by causing damage.  If this is the case you could be the next target after your 3 months are up.

Of course I'm playing devils advocate.  I would probably rent to them myself, but I would need to get clarification first...IN WRITING.

If you decide to rent to them, let us know how it turns out 3 months from now. 

Hello @Patrick C.  Can you share if you ended up renting to them or not and how the experience was/is? Ale Solutions contacted us as well.

Wanted to revive this thread as I was also contacted by ALE Solutions. Similar circumstances. Rent significantly over asking for a short term (9 month) tenant that had fire damage. Has anyone dealt with ALE recently?

We just got a similar call...has anyone committed to them? If this were a scam it would be terrible for us...

@Carolina E. Did anyone ever get back with you? I got a similar call and am wondering people's experiences.

just reviving this as it appears that no LL are coming back to make a feedback here....  recently got contacted by ALE and wanting to pay a premium  of $300 per month over asking... in any case is there any landlords who encountered damages that were more than the security deposit and if ALE paid for it or did you have to go after the tenant?

how did you sign your contract with the ALE brokered Lease?  did you have them as guarantor and the people that were being placed as Tenants?

Reviving an old thread here, I just accepted an ALE contract. Mine was for 2 months (optional month to month w/ 30day notice to vacate) at a premium of $800 above market value. They also offered a $500 non-refundable pet deposit. The tenant had fire damage and was in a 6month lease but needed to extend and his current landlord took a 12month lease instead, so i decided to house him for 2 months till his house was repaired (fire damage). So far, ALE has been a treat to work with. They overnighted the funds and have been super responsive. They hired professional movers who move rental furniture for the tenant as his is ruined. The movers were so unprofessional and scratched 2 different walls and 2 different ceilings. I'm waiting to hear back on this, but this was just noticed. The lease is in the tenant's name, but the money is real and comes from ALE. ALE encouraged me to do my own background check and didn't apply any pressure to accept the contract. I did my own background check and even met the tenant when showing the apt. Nothing to complain about yet, but it's only week 2. I'll update everyone if my feelings for ALE change.

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