Buying a duplex with a section 8 tenant.

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Hey guys!

I am considering putting in an offer on a duplex in Los Angeles that was built in 1994.  This means the building is not under rent control.  However, one or maybe both of the untis are section 8.  I am planning to live in one of the units.  Does anyone know what are the steps in California to evict a section 8 tenant? Thanks in advanced!


What's the reason why you're evicting a Section 8 tenant? I have a section 8 tenant in one of my properties, and that family always pays on time. I have a positive view of Section 8 tenants. For most Section 8 people, it is in their best interests to cooperate fully with the landlord. Otherwise, they are risking of losing their vouchers with the City, which they wouldn't want to happen.

Eviction process on Section 8, from what I hear, is the same as any other eviction process. The only difference, I think, would be the relocation expenses which is more expensive than if it wasn't Section 8. 


I also am pro section 8 when it comes to tenants.  Right now of all my tenants my top 3 are section 8 tenants.  Clean, respectful and your money is guaranteed.  I would suggest having them re apply as a tenant when their lease is up and see if they are a good fit or not.  As with any tenant there are good and bad, both on section 8 and not.   Screening is the key.  Good luck!

@Benjie DeVera and @Anthony Murphy , I think there is a communication gap.  She didn't say she wants to evict because of the tenant being a bad tenant.  @Mattaniah Yip wants one of the two tenants to vacate the premises so that she might move in herself if she buys the property. Mattaniah, I assume you plan to purchase the property via a FHA loan which would require you to inhabit the property upon purchase?

In most (all?) instances, the new owner/landlord must abide by any leases already in place at the time of purchase.  For instance, if one of your tenants signed a one-year lease in January 2015, you cannot force that tenant to move before January 2016.  However, if one of your tenants is on a month-to-month lease, you should be allowed to give a 30-day (sometimes 60 or 90 days is required in some states) notice to have the tenant move out.

Once you purchase the property, you can contact the local Section 8 office and request a copy of the lease(s) for the tenant(s) renting your new property.  If you'd like to view the leases before you buy the property, put in a request to the seller's agent.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone for their input. Yes, Randy that is correct. I'm purchasing via an FHA loan and I would like to live in one of the units. I will get all of the information regarding the units before moving forward.

Thank you!