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I was wondering about zoning issues with land. If I found a parcel of land that was zoned for industrial or commercial and I wanted to re-zone it for residential purposes, what would I need to do. How long does the re-zone usually take? Is the process cumbersome?

I'd love to get some advice here, if possible.

lets bring this post back to life. Anyone have answers?

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One other thing, and this is probably as big as your suggestion. Get an attorney who's "politically" tied in with the zoning and land use board. Look for someone who's a past member of the board, or who has handled lots of work before the board.

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changing the zoning in an area is not as simple as it may seem there are a lot of steps besides seeking an attorney, it depends on what else is around also most cases you have to make an attempt to contact the surrounding property owners about this request and then it is done at the city counsel meeting and put up for vote.. you must have a plan drawn and engineered for review, the process is long. my husband is a developer in utah the process can take any where fro 6 months to a year and that does not mean the approval, its time and money, take a look and the general plan and proppsed plan for the city in the city planning they can give you a better idea of what the zoning is and possibilities of future changes

Frank is right,

If you really want to expedite the process of attaining the correct zoning for your property you really need to be politically tied in. Other wise i've seen zoning here in hawaii take anywhere from 6 years and above. The best way is to build your network with those who have ties within the zoning dept. It will save you a lot of time and money.

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