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Hello All:

Can anyone recommend a good service / bank that has great ACH/autodebit capabilities?

We currently use our bank but their online system is clunky and doesn't automate well. 


@Dane Fossee

Most banks do offer that out of a business account. I know Chase does but they require you to be a client for a min of 6 months to be approved for it. It only costs $25 a month. Well worth it. Research your local banks.

I use Cozy and eRentpayment.  Cozy takes a few days longer to get to my bank.  



Dwolla is completely free (used to be just $0.25).  I had some frustrations early on, but it works well and my tenants like using it.   

Cozy takes too long for me to get my money.  4 days sometimes longer.  Before this I had all my tenants go the bank and deposit their rents.  I've only recently signed up for Dwolla as soon as have my first experience with the process I will let you know.


I use and I really like their website.  This was the first month I collected and it was a bit slow especially because of the July 4th holiday.  It really doesn't make much of a difference to me, I just need the funds before the mortgage is due.  If immediacy of fund availability is critical to you, then this wouldn't be the site for you. 

What I like about the site is the ability for potential tenants to apply online.  The one thing that was tedious when I rented out this house in June was the length of time it took for my potential tenants to fill out the application (I held an open house and had people apply there.)  At any rate, it is a pretty slick website and they seem to be continually working to improve it.  

looking for similar, unwilling to use Cozy due to bad experience, any feedback on dwolla and erentpayment?  Or another one?  I don't my paying a reasonable fee, I've decided free costs too much...

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