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What would be a good and inexpensive website hosting place to advertise rental property? Thank you is absolutely Free and you can have as many websites as you wish.

Nancy Neville is free and has real estate templates

postlets. Com is great and fee to advertise your rental

Craigslist. Well, it's not a web hosting site. But the traffic CL gets is by far greater than a hosted web site.

thank you so much! & are my favorites and they will both help you post to Craigslist as well. It's all free and they syndicate to many other sites.

Postlets and CL are my two go-to listing sites.  You can hit all the listings sites just by using these two.

I own a web hosting company and even I have to agree with @Lucas Hall on this one! and CL are your best bet!  No need to spend any money!

One more in the Postlets and CL camp. Those are your best bets, and they're free.

In addition to PL and CL,

I'll also throw in and as 2 worthy sites that are not included in the postlets syndication.,

Originally posted by NA Beard:,

 Definitely for commercial listings, though I don't see it much for residential. and are the same company now.

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