When filing an insurance claim do you use a private adjuster?

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I didn't know this job existed until this week when someone told me that was there job. Low and behold I have a water leak in a rental today and need an insurance claim. The whole idea of using an independent adjuster rather than the insurance company's adjuster makes sense but I've never gone through this process with one. Anyone have any experience with them good or bad?

@Jeremiah Hilliard, I've never used an independent adjuster and like you, did not know such a thing existed.  I've had 2 relatively moderate insurance claims and in both cases I felt like the adjuster the insurance company sent out was quite fair (as in they gave me more than I was hoping/expecting).

Based on my experiences, I'm not sure it would be worth the expense/hassle of hiring an independent person.  Just my .02.

@Jeremiah Hilliard  i think you are referring to a public adjuster. A public adjuster represents you in your insurance claim by evaluating coverage, preparing loss estimate, etc. They represent you and you hire them. 

An Independent adjuster works for the ins co but is an independent contractor, but they do the same thing as a staff adjuster. 

If you hire a public adjuster, you do not work with them instead of the ins co adjuster. It is in addition to them. The ins co isn't going to give their checkbook to an adjuster you hire. 

You will pay the public adjuster a percentage of the settlement they negotiate for you. Terms will vary.

Note: not legal advice and I am not a licensed adjuster. 

thanks for the input guys. 

This is most likely for major claims, IE. your house burnt down or got completely flooded. For times when you are worried that the Ins Co is going to try and short change you.

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