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I am looking at a property (a large home that has already been divided into 5 units) that could be 7 units eventually (with work). But the property will require lots of help. As we renovate (and not all are complete tear downs inside) should we add fire proofing materials btwn units? Do other owners provide fire extinguishers? I want my properties to be safe even though most will be grandfathered in and not require sprinkler systems. Any suggestions and thoughts would be appreciTed!

It depends on the fire code in your town. Where I invest the town requires 5/8 in sheetrock between units and 1/2 in btw the bedrooms. Also you can add fire resistant insulation even if the town doesn't require it. In almost all of the units I own or manage the there are 10lb fire extinguishers.  Some towns also require this and since theyre not too expensive I dont see why not. 

But the most paramount thing above all would be to have a strong fire insurance policy that's been reviewed by your insurance agent or attorney.

Best of Luck!

I do not know the fire codes in WV, but in RI where I have been a municipal firefighter for some time, fire extinguishers are required in multi families and definitely by the insurance company on each floor and every so many feet depending on the size of the building.  

Common walls between two or more units require a higher degree of thickness in the sheet rock as opposed to with in the unit.   Again, RI is very strict since the Station Nightclub Fire in 2003, so this may not all be required in WV, but I'd also look into whether or not you need a local fire alarm or a master radio box.  If you contact the State Fire Marchall's Office, they will be able to answer any specifics.  Some of these items can get costly.  If you come up with any dead ends, I can look in the code books for your state.

Thank you both so much.  That really helps and gives me a jumping off point. 

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