Palm Desert Property Management

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Hey everyone! 

We're thinking about investing in a property in Palm Desert and wondered if anyone had a great property management company they work with? Also, wondered if anyone currently in this market has had any issues with Palm Desert being seasonal?

Would love to hear any thoughts...

My former mother in law just sold her property there and she told me that due to the seasonal environment in population, she didn't have the best quality tenants.  She was glad to get out.

Hey, Shannon.

My wife and I moved from San Francisco to the Palm Desert/Indian Wells area about a year ago with the specific goal of investing in vacation rental properties. We currently have a very successful rental in Palm Desert and are about to add a second in Indian Wells. Our property has rented well even in the summer--which I wasn't expecting. As always, factors such as location, bedroom count, and amenities will have a huge impact on how well your property will do. Message me if you'd like to discuss in greater detail. We also have information about property management companies in the area.

Any recommendation on Property Managers? I'm potentially looking to invest in DHS, but you you think another area has good CF potential please let me know.