Dog noise complaints in duplex, what should I do?

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Hi everyone! I have a duplex with both sides rented out. One side started to complain about dogs barking from the other side and waking her up at 7. The dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and was adopted a few months ago. I haven’t had rental problems with dogs before so I’m not sure what I can do. I can talk to the owner of the dog and ask if they are training the dog. But will that help at all? Can anyone share any successful solutions?

Many Thanks!

Notify the tenant with the dog about the 7:00 AM barking and ask her what she plans to do about it.  Is the dpg barking at because she wants to go out or if the tenant is leaving?  Tell the tenant you have received the complaint and ask her what adjustments she can make.  It coukd be a Baby crying at 7:00 AM that the neighbor woull aso complain about.  I remember when I lived in an apartment buiding with my young baby and a neighbor screamed "Shut that child up"

The dog owner can train the dog with a treat or handle that in some other way.  It is a puppy and they do bark.  Give the dog owner the opportunity to correct the 7:00 AM barkig