Landlord holding back security deposit

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My landlord held back $100 from my deposit claiming $25 check return fee since the first check got lost in the mail (don't believe they even sent it) and didn't give me a reason for the difference

Moreover, I realized that I never got a cent off the interest in the security deposit escrow. However, looking a the statement, I see a 'Fee to Master Dr' every month for about $1 and then similar interest so really nothing accrued. Does anybody know what that fee sounds like? I guess I cannot claim anything for this


To add, in any case, I want to go to small cause court for this - not for the money but by principal. This particular landlord has a history of doing this

Originally posted by @Sam Dal :

This particular landlord has a history of doing this

than in the first place, why do you have anny business with this landlord?

a dog that bit once cant be trusted allso.

I was renting an apt for 13 yrs - couldn't just leave a good building knowing that his security deposit practices are shady but kept all documentation to fight it knowing this day will come

I would focus my energy on something else. People all over this forum are talking about how many thousands and millions they've made investing and you are worried about $25 late fee. I understand you are doing this for principle and not for $25. Just realize there's a lot of shady people in this world and there always will be. You can spend your life fighting with them or you can move along and find quality people to do business with.

So the landlord held back $25.00 because you say you never received the first  check and he had to put a stop payment on it?  Unless that happens with every tenant I don't see what is wrong. I would not leave two checks out there to return a security deposit.  The tenant could cash them both.  Regarding the interest vs fee I think what he may be doing is paying interest but charging you the fee to have the account so it is a wash.  Ask him for an explanation.  If he hasn't itemized the other $75  it should be itemized.

Write a letter/email asking about the missing $75. You might be surprised how far that gets you.