Marketing to tenants with Disabilities

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Does anyone know if there's any organizations that assist people with disabilities find properties modified to accommodate them? Or alternatively if there's a targeted place to advertise?

We have a 2-flat (duplex) in Chicago where we modified the ground floor unit to be accessible (wider doors throughout, roll-in shower, etc.) when we did the rehab - a competitive advantage since almost all multifamily properties in Chicago have steps leading up to the first floor and can't be modified that way.  

Ideally we would find a Section 8 tenant or one who is subsidized through an organization that assists people with disabilities.  Thoughts?

Thanks @Nick Britton - good suggestions.  What about Veteran's Affairs / Veteran's Administration?  Do you think they assist in that way?

@Larry Smet , I am thinking about focusing on the niche of buying and rehab houses to accommodate people with a disability. How much was the rehab cost compare to what you normally do? How are your numbers looking long term for your unit?

You can try looking and advertising on Local department health offices, Charity organizations, or even try hospitals and some rehabilitation centers. I hope this helps. 

@Walter Pape- not a lot, maybe an extra $1,000 for widening doorways and putting in a roll-in shower.  I was doing a gut rehab though so it would depend.  Long term the numbers look great... on paper, but so far there's been some issues getting it rented.  I need to get my property manager to follow up with some charities, etc. as others have mentioned.

@Alden Atienza - thanks - good suggestions!

Thanks @Dumitru Anton

But this 2-flat is larger - the ground floor unit is a 3 bedroom unit. My property manager has been talking to the VA guys.... good suggestion.