Need new toilet seats?

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I just signed a contract on a single family home this evening and the lady was talking about HUD and USDA requiring new toilet seats whenever there was a change in tenants. (this isn't HUD or USDA)

The toilet seats in this home are like new and I'm sure not going to replace them. I've never heard of such a thing and was just wondering if there's any validity to what she was saying? I did some searching and didn't find anything alluding to new ones being required. Just that they can't be cracked, etc. Anyone?

Never heard of that, but I'd replace a toilet seat if a tenant really wanted it, I mean its not an expensive item.  Seems silly to me though.

Depending in which county its occurring. I think the person is a bit confused. For example, all the properties being sold in DeKalb County in GA are required to have the low flow fixtures (not the seats, the actual toilet). If your property is in DeKalb County, check out the link for the "Low-Flow" fixture ruling: You can also check out the ordinance at: Also, see attached certificate of compliance that will need to be filed in DeKalb county prior to your water being turned on: There is also an exemption certificate that can be filed that offers a couple of options. See the list of exemptions here:

I hope that helps and good luck.

Marina Shlomov

Also, the "Low Flow" ordinance applies to shower heads and faucets throughout the property.

Glad I don't own anything in DeKalb county. This is down south of Atlanta in Pike County.

It's not a big deal.  When you buy a house (in my case, unincorporated DeKalb), in order to get water service you have to have a certificate signed by a licensed plumber, or an inspector, that the fixtures (toilet, sinks and showerheads) are all low-flow.  If if it's been just rehabbed, they're going to be that way anyway.  If not, changing everything is a couple hundred $$.  My plumber's cool, charged $25 for the signoff, and nothing when he'd done the work.

And, pretty much all over Metro Atlanta, there are rebate programs for installation of low GPF (gallons per flush) toilets in older houses.  The building supply places in your county will have info -- it's a selling point. I have replaced 3 toilets in 3 houses so far for a net cost of $0 -- buy the $99 AquaSource toilet at Lowe's (top rated) and apply for the rebate (up to $100 per toilet, and up to 3 per house built before 1959 or so).  Pulling a toilet was always on my "to do" list, so I learned how at my house and used the skill on my rentals.  The rebate doesn't need an official signature.

Who's issuing the rebate? The county? state? city?

The county 

@John Teachout - Pyrrha's right, it's the individual counties.  I know Fulton County is issuing rebates, and I recall seeing info indicating most of Metro also had them.  Just ask at the place you get the toilet.  I had seen the "rebate" notice on several models but just somehow assumed it didn't apply to me until I met a colleague also buying a toilet at Lowe's, who alerted me.  Search your county's watershed district online (Lowe's also had to forms to give out)-- the DeKalb Co form is downloadable at the link Pyrrha gave above.

The only county I have property in that's anywhere close to Atlanta is Henry County where I have 1 single family. It was built in the mid 1990's.

I have one property in Lamar County and some in Pike County. Both of those counties are quite far south of Atlanta but still considered in the Atlanta metro area when it comes to burn bans and things of that nature. Where we are in Pike County is more than 50 miles from downtown Atlanta and I've never heard anything about low flow devices other than what the IBC recommends. One of our Pike rentals is on a well and the other on municipal water in the city of Zebulon. I'll keep my radar out for potential rebates. One of toilets is going to be replaced in the Zebulon house for cosmetic reasons and that house was built in the mid 1950's so would probably be eligible if there is a rebate applicable.

Thanks for the info.

Does anyone know a plumber in DeKalb I can contact for signing off on the Certificate of Compliance?

My regular plumber is not certified for that.


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