Cincinnati Kitchen and Bath Flooring Projects

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Does anyone have a good recommendation on who I can use to do flooring projects for a kitchen and bath in 4 units of a 4 family in Cincinnati?

Hey Max,

I have a guy that does a lot of my general contract work, and can get you a great price if its just the floor. Shoot me an email or text (513-235-7723), and we can discuss further.

I have been in contact/working with multiple contractors in the Cincinnati area during the last couple of months. Feel free to send me a direct message and I can provide you the contact information of some contractors

Thanks guys, appreciate it, I will be sending you a PM.

Buddy's flooring says it'll cost at minimum $10/square foot for a vinyl or ceramic tile job. I can probably do the job myself, but I want to start slowly phasing out of the DIY portion of my REI journey since I'm on property #2. But, at lowest $10/sq ft, I need ~400 sq ft for the whole building, and $4,000 to do 4 tiny bathrooms and kitchens seems really pricey, especially for a rental.

@Max James

Buddy's is twice as high as it should be. Should be around $5sf or less. It depends on the specific materials to be installed, and the PITA factor for the bathroom floor layout and any prep to regarding the existing flooring.

Unfortunately, I don't think my Dayton guy goes that far, but I will check with him. I'll PM you if he is interested.

thanks @Darrin Carey that would great.

I wonder how much money I would save if I tried doing it all myself. If all said and done I can get materials and labor costs from someone go $5/sq ft, I wonder if it would it be expected I could save half that cost if I did it myself.

@Max James What my husband, @Darrin Carey has forgotten about is McSwain Pro - emphasis on PRO, because their retail locations will charge you an arm and a leg. Please contact Jon O'Connor at the Pro Division. They are located on E. Kemper Rd near Mosteller. They cater to contractors as well as people in investment real estate.

Carpet with 6lb pad installed is $1.50 / SF. LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is installed for $1.50 / SF PLUS materials. Any prep work (i.e. floor patching or leveling is extra). They have a network of independent contractors that do their installs, and they have been great to work with so far. Tell Jon that Darrin and Christina said "hello".

Ah man thanks so much guys!! You made my weekend ahead much better!

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