The Best Maintenance Request System for Your Residents

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Once you start managing more residents, but aren't quite ready to jump into a full on property management company, what do you suggest for a great maintenance request system?  Fielding emails and texts are fine, but to work more professionally, I'd like to start using a more formal approach.

There are several ways but the best is you be using a tenant management system, something like Appfolio or Buildium.  

Another way if you had a website, you could have a simple form on a webpage that they could fill out that would be emailed to you.

@Aaron Wyssmann I like the idea of creating a website..  I am pretty handy with creating websites through google sites, I might give this a try. 

Through google sites I could establish a workflow system that residents could fill out and like you said, it could just be emailed to me.  I wonder what else I could automate by using a google site and/or simplify things?  Possibly the application process?  

I think Buildium sounds like a great tool to be using, but at only 6 units, I think there are just as efficient ways to manage property that won't cost $500 a year.  

I just started using Cozy for auto rent payments and this seems like it's going to be an awesome method to transfer rent payments.  

@Aaron Wyssmann yeah definitely.

First of all, it's free, so not much to complain about there.  Getting everyone setup on it is a bit of a hassle, since it takes a while to verify bank accounts and what not.  Once it is fully up and running, however, it's going to be a seamless transaction and I won't have to mess around with getting a letter from each tenant, going into my banking app, taking a picture of the checks, depositing the money to my account, holding the checks till it gets deposited, cutting up and throwing away the checks, and then doing that 5 times... 

The less paper you can handle, the easier your life will be as a landlord I think.  Especially once you start scaling. 

Was looking to automate my maintenance as well which is what pulled me into this post.  I  appreciate the google sites idea as I use google voice for my business number so it should sync up well.  However, to add to the comments.  I recently started using it and it really is great.  Like @Max James said it's free and as of yet I haven't had any negative experiences with it.  It's what has gotten me into this idea of automating as much as possible.

@Max James @Phil Signoroni @Aaron Wyssmann

We just started using Cozy as well and are loving it. 

As for the maintenance side, we have a form on our website, email address, and phone number. Most tenants will use the phone number to either call or text us. I'd eventually like to get away from that and move to the more formal option of the online form/email for maintenance requests, but either way once we receive the request we use an application called GQueues for tracking. We've also started to use it for other back-office activities - paying bills, sending mailers, reconciling our books, etc. It's a nice web application, but also has a mobile app, and is around $25/yr. 

@Account Closed agreed, we will always accept calls, but we're not always able to answer while working our 9-5 jobs. We figure the more options to contact us, the better, but we can typically provide a faster response through text/email/website, which is why we encourage these options. 

Hi @Max James

I've automated almost everything with a simple website, contact forms, and G-suite. There is software available, but if you are even remotely tech savvy, you can automate these systems with free tools.