Hire a PM or create your own PM team?

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As I'm looking down the road for once I begin to scale, I am starting to look into property management companies.  However, they all seem like they will perform sub par and not maximize my earning potential in a buy and hold property.  I think when you move to a 50+ unit building where you will have an on-site PM, then it makes sense to hire one.  However, with a handful of 2-4 unit MF's (lets say 25-50 units), I think creating your own PM team is a solid option.

Has anyone that put together their own team that has had success comment on this path?  What does everyone think?  Is it worth it to try and put together your own team, or just throw the hail marry and pray your local PM team will be worth it?

No experience to share but I agree it could be a solid option.

Creates jobs

Better control and reporting to you.

I've contemplated PM in the past and the reviews and costs have always kept me away from using them.