Property Manager Referrals Needed

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Our company owns properties located in the Houston, DFW, and West Texas markets. We are currently having issues finding a property manager for our Dallas properties. We currently own several duplexes/sfh in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Does anyone have property manager contacts that they could refer to us? Thanks

CJ Love

Hello Cary,

The best place to go to search for good property manager is the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

You are able to search for members in your local area and then look for members with designations like Residential Management Professional (RMP) or Master Property Manager (MPM). These are property managers that are cut above the rest, and the ones that can be trusted to provide quality service and care for your investment property.

Also another designation to look for if you can find it is a company that has there CRMC designation. There are only about 60 management companies that are Certified Residential Management Companies. (CRMC).

These are companies that have been audited by the National Association of Residential Property Managers and have demonstrated a high standard for both procedures and customer service.

Again, I believe the best way to find a good property manager is to seek a property manager out and has invested in advanced training and education and has attained designations, usually they also have years of experience.

Dallas -

Houston -

I've met folks from both those offices. They are very professional and their offices are well run.  I don't know anyone in West Texas, but maybe the Dallas and Houston offices can offer some guidance.

Full disclosure, I am an RPM franchise myself, and I have not used these folks to manage my own properties so I cannot offer direct experience with their services.

I am a property manager and would be happy to help!. We cover the entire DFW Metro but in the interest of what Bigger Pockets is all about here are a few tidbits & recommendations about some other DFW Companies:

Real Property Management Dallas - they are now the largest PM company in DFW (# of doors managed) after acquiring one of the largest PM companies in Fort Worth - Specialized PM and some other smaller ones.  The owner of this franchise did so well he was asked to be the President of the entire RPM company - all 150+ offices!  He is no longer in that role and is focusing on growing his business in DFW.  These guys have a strong reputation and are led by a solid team.

One Prop - I believe these guys are the second largest PM company in the Metroplex.  I have a close friend that works there in Houston (and Dallas before).  These guys are pretty investor friendly and are growing like crazy - they have been expanding all over the U.S.

From my experience people have found one of these two companies to work well for them. 

Lastly, NARPM is a great reference and the chapters for Fort Worth and Dallas are pretty small so the community is pretty tight knit.  You can tell a lot about a company by how many PMs are members of this organization.

I hope this helps! 

I work for Century 21 Judge Fite and we have a Property Management division.  If you'd like me to send you a referral to them just PM me.  The Property Manager for Fort Worth and Weatherford area works out of the same office I'm in and she is really good at what she does.

@Luke Shivers I will give Enrique a call today I thank you for your referral.

@Kevin Knight Wow I this website has tons of resources for PM and I am surprised that I have never heard of it. Defiantly a resources that we will be utilizing here in the future. I do appreciate the time you took to share this information.