remote water submetering

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anyone implement a remote water submetering program?  if so:

1) what meters do you use

2) how does the remote monitoring work?  what equipment

3) what billing service do you use?

4) can you share costs to install equipment and billing

5) what is your expected payback period?

thank you for your help

I'm managing a multi-family that uses Conservice for submetering. They supply the meters that report consumption via dial up.  I'm not sure about upfront costs, everything was in place before I arrived.  They charge a percentage to meter, bill, and collect the payments.

Their customer service is not good and I would not recommend them.  Whenever we have had trouble with a meter or the reporting system they are virtually unresponsive to requests for service, and then at long last when they do schedule a service call it is expensive.

There must be some better options out there...  

Thank you for your replies

I also wonder about the remote monitoring and does the technology work with other providers?  I.e. What happens if the original provider sucks and you want to change or if they go out of biz?

I debated doing these, but then ended up just putting in 6 new meters. I was able to trade in my old one for some credit towards the purchase price of new ones. Now the tenants pay all their water/sewer/garbage directly to the City which was running me $300/unit/month. The extra $1,800 a month will pay it back pretty quickly in my case. A larger facility this wouldn't be very economical, and/or a case like Jay's with the MHP. I've talked to the guys at Guardian before, they are very nice and helpful with questions. 

@Zach Schwarzmiller   I have one of my managers running this down... this MHP I bought is a total reposition play were I am taking out virtually all the existing POS mobiles right now so it might just be as easy to install new pedistals and meters.. we are going to put in 8 RV pads as they bring in a pretty nice chunk of change.

this one was a challenge full of tweakers.

@Account Closed thanks for the info on Guardian, but I went to their site and noticed you're the NW Regional Account Executive.  

Who are some of your competitors and can you give info about submetering in general, rather than specific to the company you sell for?

Other qualified submetering companies include Submeter Solutions, Accurate Utility Management and Utility Recovery Systerms of WA.  In general, here is how it works: 

1. Submeter company provides on-site installation and project management. A meter and wireless transmitter are installed in each apartment and a central data collector is mounted in a utility closet or leasing office.

2. Once the meters are installed, the data collector is connected to the submeter company's network over an internet connection provided by the property - 3G and manual read options are also available. Reads are pushed into submeter company's network daily. Property management can track consumption data, identify high users and much more online.

3. The submeter company sends utility bills to residents based on local rates. Bills are typically supported by the submeter company's in-house call center. The submeter company should provide regulatory assistance to keep your property in compliance with local rules and regulations. The property can opt for in-house collections or it can outsource that function to the submeter company.