Should I Install Sprinklers?

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We recently closed on our first rental property. Someone recommended that we install sprinklers because none of their tenants ever water the lawn, even though yard maintenance is part of their responsibility. Our rental is in an HOA enforced neighborhood. And we live in the Houston area, if that makes any difference.


Awesome on your closing @Gigi Ochoa !

IMO the HOA can be a bear to work with when it comes to non-compliance of your property maintenance, no matter who is residing in the home.

If you have a service to maintain your yard, that's half the battle. Your tenants won't take the same care, contract or not. If it's not too much of a cost, I think installing a sprinkler system on a timer would relieve you of the headache. Then again, your tenants are paying for water to care for your yard, so be prepared for that potential battle.

First, there is more than just installation expenses with a sprinkler system. These systems need regular maintenance.

Second, many "cheap" renters will not pay for the water and turn them off anyways. 

Third, I know some parts of California have banned sprinklers due to the drought, might want to make sure that is not coming to Texas.

Fourth, in reality, has the HOA made an issue of the brown grass in the past? How likely is it that they will make an issue? If not, then I wouldn't bother. If so, put it in the lease that the tenants are liable for any penalties from the HOA due to condition of the yard. Then you are covered.