Who pays for salon overflow

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Ok, so my wife owns a salon in Louisville KY. It is located in a space that she rents in a strip mall type shopping center. Today someone from the water company stopped by and did an inspection. He then told her she was going to have to buy a overflow that was going to cost about 1100 due to the chemicals that flow down the sink. The water bill is in her name. Is it her responsibility to pay this or the landlords? She has been in this location for about 7 years and there was a salon there previously.

Yes, you should check the lease.  For commercial property the net lease is typical where tenant is responsible for all maintenance as well as improvements to the space that are needed for the tenant to do business.  Since the sink is integral to a salon and this overflow not something normally needed, I would say you as tenant would be responsible to install (and pay for).  

But, it couldn't hurt to ask the landlord about it just to see what they say.  If they refuse, ask if they could pitch in towards the cost.  if they still say no, at least you tried.