Good paying drunk tenants

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I've got some tenants in an apartment building that are a cause for concern. 4 separate tenants tend to imbibe quite often and enjoy each others presence some days and other days not so much. They also don't keep down the late night drinking but I've had a lack of other tenants reporting it to me. I hear all this from the cleaning lady we employ and its difficult to determine where the line of overly worried gossip and true lease infraction is taking place. 

Do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with good paying yet partying tenants? I know it happens but many of the tenants were trained poorly due to the previous manager. I've sent noise infractions to the units that other tenants have phoned me about (which is one as of late). 

Check to see if there have been police calls to the units.  We had to evict one because there were calls to the unit which involved underage girls being provided alcohol.  Drunk tenants are more likely to break things in the unit even if by 'accident'.  Things like broken doors, vomit on carpet that isn't properly cleaned, etc.

None of these ones yet. The problem is my limited paper trail. Tenants in the building have dealt with it for so long they still do. Most of the time its loud music playing and some times elevated voices. Its a poorly sound proofed building so many residents are a bit more understanding and many don't want to be 'that tenant' that calls in on others. 

Hmmm.  Interesting question.  On the one hand alcohol is legal and if they are behaving and paying rent on time and not breaking lease, leave them alone.  But if their behavior is bad, and they are breaking lease the you should be able to get them out.

It sounds like you want them to shape up or get out, right?  

Are they breaking your lease terms?  Does your lease say anything about noise? 

Hope you find a solution.  I think maybe you can send them a letter to put them on notice about the loud behavior and hopefully finds something in the lease to back it up.  Are they month to month?  

@Steven J. - stick with your lease agreement.

It should say something about allowing others to enjoy a peaceful living environment.

Also, it's tougher to evict on noise infractions - easier for unpaid rent.

I think if you want to savage the saturation you might have to drop in and check things out for yourself.