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I'm hoping this hits people who have the quad cities keywords pegged. (Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, Davenport).

I've been investing and managing properties in the Quad Cities for several years now (just over 6). I've been struggling for a while to maintain a good list of contractors that I can trust and rely on for everything from minor repairs to complete remodels. I've gone back and forth about hiring someone to maintain on my staff (so far my staff consists of just me) but I don't think i'm at that point yet with just 20 units.

I'm hoping some people can post here to help me out with some contractors that they have used in the past or have heard good things about. I'll list some below that I've used as a reference point. A lot of my repairs are appliances or plumbing but I'm also interested in having a good list of people for all aspects of rental property maintenance and renovation. I have an electrician that I trust and is affordable so that is about the only one I'm set on.

Crawford Co (plumbing) - expensive but reliable

TMI (little bit of everything) - also expensive and mostly reliable

QC Appliance Repair - not very reliable, will recommend fixing anything even if not worth the price

QC Honey Do - I've used them recently for a lot of my projects but they are very busy and I'm nervous they won't provide quality moving forward.

Fiers Plumbing - I have a horror story with these guys so I'm avoiding them

Dougs Heating - expensive but have never had issues with their wor

I haven't been in the real estate investment game very long, but so far the only reliable contractors of any short that I have found is:

Mahieu Electric Company, Inc.

- Good Prices, prompt service and insist on doing the job right (which I appreciate).

Dan Hanell Construction, Inc.

- They did some siding work and insulation work for me in the past.  Very professional and timely.  Price was as good as I found.  With the purchase of siding the did blown in insulation at a very reasonable price that was mostly covered by the MidAmerican energy rebate.

BPC Finishing

- General finishing work.  Reasonable prices and an attention to detail that I haven't found in some of the other people I have used.

Hey @Michael Pease , I am working on list of certified contractors for my business too. Lets get together and compare notes. I like QC Honey Do, I don't worry about quality issues, but they aren't always the cheapest. I have a decent plumber, painter etc, but would like to have a deeper bench in case one is busy or just to keep them honest on pricing. 

I see this thread is a couple of years old; are you guys still active in QC investing? I'm under contract on a house in Davenport and need to renovate before renting it out. Looking for some recommendations on contractors.

@Michael Pease , looks like you're not 100% happy with many of the contractors you posted. Have you come across any new ones you can recommend since this post?

@Matt Holmer , are you still happy with the ones you recommended? I noticed the Mahieu Electric is a dead link, are they still in business? BPC Finishing looks promising.

I will need the following contractors:



Flooring installer (I typically use Vinyl Plank flooring)



General handyman